I first came across this stuff at my barber shop.  My barber put a dab in my hair that day and I liked the smell and texture so much I bought a tub of it.  Today I bring you our suavecito pomade review, a water based product that is no doubt a bestseller among hair prouduct users around the world.  Made in Santa Ana, California.  You basically have two great choices:

  1. Suavecito Firme Pomade
  2. Suavecito Original Pomade

suavecito pomade review

Suavecito Firme review

Suavecito firme is a scented water-soluble hair pomade with a creamy consistency. It goes in with so much ease and provides a strong hold for styling flexibility. It’s light and scented, perfect for men and women alike.

It has a unisex scent that is clean and pleasant and looks good on all hair styles and types.
Suavecito firme is made for those that needs a little extra control over their hair.

Important Features:
• It has a nice scent with a creamy consistency.
• It is water-soluble
• It combs in with ease and provides a strong grip for most styling flexibility
• It dries with a hardness
• It has a moderate shine and washes out with water.

Suavecito has a strength of a gel and hairspary. It grips like a wax but washes out quite easily, hence the name Firme, meaning strong!  Want to see the original, keep reading our Suavecito pomade review

How to style:

Add a little water during styling for a wet look if preferred.
Customers with thick islander hair swear by this product. This is because it keeps their thick hair looking presentable all the time. And it seems to be the best thing that has happened to their hair.

One of the things that have got people talking about this pomade is the fact that it is very inexpensive. The price might even want to make you disregard what has been said. But a trial as they always say will convince you. With just $14, you get all the above-listed benefits of the product. Try suavecito today and thank me later.

Suavecito Original Review

The Original is bit stronger and I want to point out that based on the reviews and comments we’ve received, it sounds like this is a product for the complicated hair.  Long, thick, curly.  The kind that needs gel and hairspray to keep in place.  This is neither of those.

What we have is the Suavecito original pomade.  You’re going to first notice a nice cologne smell when you take the lid off, it will make you say wow!

The next thing that really caught my attention was the texture and how pliable it was to my hair.  I put a dime size portion in my hand and rubbed my hands together and then ran through my hair.

My head was slightly damp, and the dime size was enough for my 5 inch undercut.

After parting and styling I gave it a good hour or two to see the hold.  I have to say I was impressed and think this is no doubt a strong hold.  And that is why I like it, my hair does what it wants.  Not when the original is in it!

Who/What is Suavecito?

It is a styling product used over centuries now. It is used to make hair look slick, shining and neat. Its waxy and greasy substance is a wonderful alternative to other hair products such as gel, hairspray, wax or styling mousse.

This is because it makes you have more control over your hair all day. A lot of people wonder the difference between this hair products others. The major difference is that a pomade provides the hair a shiny appearance that doesn’t dry the hair.

This style hair product was quite popular in the 20th century. With slick hairstyles of popular actors and musicians such as Elvis Presley. And for a while, it seemed to have faded out but recently it is becoming more popular than before.

This is due to some hairstyles like the ducktail, pompadour, quiff, and undercut which are often sought after nowadays.


Thanks for taking the time to read our Suavecito pomade review.  We hope it has helped you.

This stuff is strong, and if you’re used to hair gel or hair spray but are tired of them, this is where it’s a now.  You get a product that will last all day, it smells nice and it has great shine.  You can’t get that with those others products.  What you do get is a great hair style that smells even better.

I think it’s time to ditch the old stuff and give this strong product a try.

Suavectio Pomade Review
  • Consistency
  • Application
  • Holding
  • Shine
  • Smell


USA made product in Santa Ana, California. Suavecito is the perfect pomade for hair that is complicated. Get rid or your hairspary or gel and try these guys out. You get a hold that is hours longer, smells better and gives you a great style that has a nice shine to it.

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