What Pomade Did Elvis Use For His Hair

Did the king use any hair products, was it Vaseline or pomade?  If so what pomade did Elvis use?

The icon certainly had a great doo, and it was very apparent that he had some sort of grease in there.  The shin, the slick back with the comb lines in it were a good indicator, but what was it?

What pomade did Elvis use to get that slick hair?

what pomade did elvis use
Larry Geller, Elvis’s personal hair stylist dishes out the secret to that iconic hair of his.  Geller tells yahoo beauty “I used to go to the health food store and get a benign base shampoo and get some vitamin capsules and pour 99 percent pure aloe vera and other herbs into it, and shake it up”.

But prior to Geller in his teenage years until 1958 he used these 2 brands –dixie peach pomade
Lovers moon

He also used Vaseline and hair tonic also.

I was informed by DJ Fontana that Elvis used brylcream in the 60’s , including his comeback in late 1968.

Later in life you can see in picture that he must of used a lot of hair spray.  To answer your question, what pomade did Elvis use?  Well he probably used what was available at the time.

Royal Crown Pomade

Royal Crown Pomade has that reputation for being the greaser/rockabilly from that era.  Did Elvis and Johnny Cash use this product, heck yah they did.  You can also see it used in the movie Raising Arizona.


So there you have it, Elvis did use pomade.  He also used probably what ever he could to make his hair look so cool.  But most of all he used pomade.  They make 100’s of different styles for many differnt kinds of hair.  But if you have that thick black hair like he did, give this a try.  And until next time, tame your mang!

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