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Best Clippers For Cutting Your Own Hair – There Is Only 1

What are the best clippers for cutting your own hair?  I found the Wahl brand to be very solid and accurate.  I have used the same clippers for going on 5 years now.

About five years ago is when I got my last “official” haircut.  I was so unimpressed that I thought to myself, “can you cut your own hair from now on?”

You see, I would go to cost cutters, great clips and even sports clips.  Even though they keep the detail of haircut you like in the computer system it doesn’t matter.

You get a different person every-time, who doesn’t cut your hair the same as the last.


Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Your Hair Cut By A Cheap Salon

  • They are crabby
  • Smell like cigarettes
  • Take the least amount of time on your hair
  • They might be 200 lbs over-weight (Now I don’t care about weight, I’m not vain like that.  But I do care if your lady parts and belly are dragging on my legs and arms while you attempt to cut my hair).  Uncomfortable for both parties I suspect.
  • Did I mention crabby?

Now don’t get me wrong, there is some nice great stylist out there.  But here is the thing, they are usually too good and once they get a better job they move on.  Which is fine, but I don’t care to pay $30 for a 5-minute buzz and trim.

I know things are different for females and completely understand why it cost more and why you should go to a professional.


The Best Clippers For Cutting Your Own Hair

For a small investment of going to the stylist once, you can have your own set-up.

My favorite clippers are the Wahl complete system.  It’s affordable and it comes with everything you need.  A hard-shelled carrying case that stores all the clips and clippers.  As well as, combs and oil.

A great machine that has been going strong for 5 years now!

Wahl Hair Clippers Review

This is what I use: Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit #79300-400T

Best Clippers For Cutting Your Own Hair - There Is Only 1 1This is a super affordable set of clippers that has some features that really help make cutting your own hair easier.

  • The sizes are color-coded
  • It indicates color and size right on the clippers
  • It cuts real nice
  • It is a quiet machine
  • Comes with combs, clips, and scissors

I can easily say this tiny machine has saved me over $460 dollars since I bought it.  I don’t think I buy too many things that save money like this has, well worth it!


Is it easy to do?

It actually really is pretty easy to do.  If you get nervous here is what you should do.  Start with the longer settings and work your way to what you like.  That way, you don’t take a chunk out and regret it.  Save some hair to work with, that’s what I like to do.

You can cut all your hair by yourself, but in the beginning, I recommend having someone help with the back of your head.  They can just show up and do the trimming, that should only take a few minutes or less.


The eye-opening realization

best clippers for cutting your own hair

One of the last few times I dared to have someone cut my hair I was literally getting whipped around in those chairs because the over-weight crabby a-hole cutting my hair was too lazy to walk around properly.

This isn’t right, I mean she would stay in one spot and just spin me to get the other side of my head to her spot.  I was so dizzy after that, I needed to lay down.  But I thought to myself, WTF?  This just isn’t getting any better.

My A-ha moment was when I realized the tool they used the most wasn’t even scissors!  They used clippers 95% of the time to cut my hair.  That doesn’t take talent or too much skill.

Unreal, but after that, I knew one thing for sure, I was never going to go back to that awful world of having someone buzz my head.  This is why I searched for the best clippers for cutting your own hair.


How I Cut My Own Hair

I usually start by getting everything I will need near me.  I stand in front of the bathroom mirror to do this.

I wet my head first, not dripping wet, but damp.  This helps with the tiny hairs from getting all over the place and it bunches hair together to make it easier to cut.

The rule of thumb here is, cut long to short, meaning start with the biggest adaptor and work down.

I will buzz the sides with the orange 1/2 ” adaptor and then followed up with the purple 3/8 ” right below the last cut.  This creates a fade type look.  It works really well.

I then move to the top with a pair of scissors that come with.  I will bunch together and trim away, matching the last cut I did so that its not an uneven mess.

I will cut the bangs with scissors.

Cutting the back of my head is tricky at first, but after a few times, you get better.  You want a smaller mirror to use, so you can see the reverse in the bathroom mirror and carefully trim.

I know its scary to think about, if you are worried, have someone give you a hand.


What I Use To Style My Hair

So now that you have cut your own hair, don’t stop there.  You’re going to want a little product to help style, even if it’s just off to the side, you need some glue to hold it into place.

I like to use pomade for my hair.

Pomade will help keep your hair into place and also it smells really nice.

Pomade is sort of like gel, but thicker.  But gel will leave your hair looking crispy, and no one likes that look.  Pomade is amazing, it keeps your hairstyle the same all day but not like glue, it has the freedom to move naturally but always goes back to its hold.

I would recommend checking this out, its about $5 to $10 dollars a jar.  You can buy online or find it at any store.



Now hopefully this article has given you the confidence to cut your own hair using professional hair clippers.  You will see how your self-cut might be better than the $20 dollar one at great clips.

I think if you have ever had the experiences I have had at the stylists, you should look into this.  You’ll save time and money, and that is important!

You should also think about ditching the gel and using pomade, for a better hold and style!

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