Best Mirror For Seeing Back Of Head Cutting With 7 Reviews

If you have every tried to cut your own hair by yourself?  If so, you know that the hardest part is cutting the back.

Is there a mirror for seeing back of head?  Yes, in fact there are dozens of them.

If you cut your own hair or even style it daily, you need to be able to see what that back of your head looks like.

Im guilty of having the spiked hair and even the hairs standing straight up without even knowing it!  How embarrassing!

I have done the research and below you will see some of the best mirror for cutting own hair, most importantly the back.

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Choosing the best mirror for cutting own hair

Whether you are male of female will only make a small difference. 

The longer the hair is the bigger the mirror you choose will be better for you.  But in my opinion it isn’t going to hurt if you have a smaller mirror, you might just need to do more angle changes.

  1. Choose a mirror that will work for your hair type.
  2. Choose a mirror that will look nice in your bathroom, for example chrome.

Table of Contents

Best Mirror For Seeing Back Of Head Reviews

#1.DecoBros 9.8-Inch

The DecoBros 9.8 inch mirror is perfect for cutting the sides and back of your head as well as adding to the decor of your bathroom.

This mirror comes in a very nice looking nickel finish, that compliments any paint finish or bathroom style.

The 9.8-inch mirror has a total 25-inch circumference and a 13.5-inch extension that folds nicely against the wall when not in use. 

The two-sided mirror is nice to have, you have a normal side and then a 7x magnified side.  Both are easily accessible by flipping it over.

It’s so easy to install, comes with all the hardware to do so, you’ll just need a screwdriver.  

I Highly recommend the Decobros bathroom mirror.

My Rating:
4.8 out of 5

#2.DecoBros 8-inch

Another DecoBros style mirror, but this one is the 8-inch version with an accordion-style extender.

It has the same nickel finish, wall mount, and 360-degree swivel design as the DecoBros mirror above.  I personally love the design for its accordion extender, which extends an impressive 23.3 inches.  It folds up nicely against the wall when not extended.

Double-sided with one being a 7x magnification option, works really well for applying hair color and make-up. 

This is a very nice stylish mirror that is also functional, especially for seeing what the back of your head looks like!

Super easy to install!

You really can’t beat the price for an awesome mirror.

My Rating:
4.8 out of 5