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How Much Pomade Should I Use? (Tips and Tricks!)

Have you ever found yourself asking this question, How much pomade should I use? Then you’re not alone because a lot of folks are in a dilemma about how much is too much. This is a logical question to ask.

Because if you’re not careful, a good intention can turn into a sticky and messy situation.


What it comes down to is a couple of things.

  • How long is your hair
  • Is it curly
  • Is it thick
  • And several other reasons

how much pomade should i use?

Everyone’s hair is different and will react to products differently.  You will need to start out with small amounts and see where that takes you.  You might have to add more or start over.


How much pomade should I use?

In this video, they not only show you amounts to work with but also how to do it.  Very quick and to the point.

As you will see he starts out with a gob of pomade to run through his hair.  The key is, you must run it into all your hair in order to style it properly.


Take Baby Steps

Applying Pomade is just like any other product going on your body for the first time. Your body may or may not react to it.

Did you just introduce pomade into your routine hairstyling? Do not speed up the process by scooping a palm-full of pomade in your hair.

Take some baby steps. Gradually add a small amount of pomade to your hair daily. Your scalp may react to it by producing oils to counter the hair product.

Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean you’re allergic to pomade but with time your scalp and hair will get used to it.



how much pomade should i use?

For the first few weeks, you won’t get to style your hair the way you truly want it to be.

So flooding your hair with the product won’t help you.

Applying pomade to your hair is like many other things in life.

You would have to crawl before you walk.

Take your time to practice in front of a mirror and in no time you’ll be doing it properly.

With too much pomade your hair is bound to get greasy and slimy to touch.

Since most pomades are heavy, you won’t be needing very much depending on the style and look you’re going for.

Although styles such as Mohawks would more pomade for a stronger and longer hold.

Asides that a little can go a long way.


How to Apply

To make sure you’re applying the right quantity of pomade to your hair. Put a bit of it in your palm, then dilute with a little water and rub your palms together to dilute the pomade.

Apply to your hair, repeat if more control is needed. It is a proven fact that pomade with a bit of water is way easier to apply evenly.

Truth be told there’s no one right amount of pomade to apply to your hair. But with trial and error, you will soon catch on quick and know just the right amount to use on your hair.


How much pomade should I use for curly hair?

Long curly hair can be a problem.  So using pomade is a great way to tame those frizzy curls.  Here are some great videos for using pomade on curly hair.

Best Pomade For Curly Hair



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