Pomade vs Gel – Hairstyles battlefield! (Which is better?)

When it comes to hair styling for men, there are a lot of strong opinions about what to use and which look is better than the other.  We’ve narrowed down the battle of two, pomade vs gel.

pomade vs gelA lot of times I have seen pomade and gel being compared and put together.

Even though they do have similar properties, there are a lot of differences between them and I would like to go through them.

There is no point to have a pomade vs gel discussion without knowing first what each of them does.

Pomade Vs Gel

Gel for styling is a controversial subject, as some people might see it as tacky or low-class. Gels don’t deserve this reputation, but its improper application can look quite disastrous.

The main point of styling with hair gel is to obtain that slick, wet look that was popular during the ‘80s and ‘90s. Besides giving you a good amount of shine, this stuff really holds strongly. For those who need every hair to stay in place for the whole day, gel will not disappoint.

You can also create spikes and different kinds of details in your hairstyle, but be sure you get it right from the first try. Once gel hardens, you cannot restyle it again.

You will have to wash it out of your hair and start again from scratch. One of the best things about it is that it washes out quite easily, which can also be a disadvantage if you are an active person and sweat or spend time in the heat.

It is not very pleasant to get your gel mixed with sweat and drip in your eyes.

Another minus point for the gel is that it sometimes dries with white flakes. To avoid that, use a lighter gel for lighter hair and use less product than you normally do.

Try to spread it evenly in your hair, of course by putting it on wet hair.

What you will obtain with pomade

Unlike gel, pomade do not mix with water very well. At least, not the classic pomade Elvis Presley and James Dean were using back in the day.

Those are petroleum-based products that will stay in your hair until you wash it twice or even three times.

You will not have the surprise of product infused sweat getting into your eyes, but you might have acne problems if your pores get clogged.

Another big difference between gels and pomade is that you can go in and restyle your pomade do many times a day. It has a flexible hold and you can repair any mishaps with a pocket comb.

You will also look pretty old-school rock’n’roll doing it. With gel, you cannot do that, as it hardens really bad and holds your hairs together.

I don’t want you to think that pomade is better than gel or the other way around.

Both products do exactly the jobs they are assigned to do, you just have to choose exactly what you need and use the product correctly.

Go on and experiment with both and make your own educated decision.

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