Pomade Vs Wax – Who Wins this battle?

With so many hair styling products for men on the market, it’s no wonder a beginner and even more experienced men are baffled by what to choose for their locks.  Mainly pomade vs wax, what is the big difference?

pomade vs waxThere are so many definitions, names and promises coming from smart marketing and advertising, that, with all the catchy-ness of the product, you don’t really know what it actually does.

I want to show you how to differentiate between two of the most used categories of men hair styling products: pomade vs wax. We will see what each of them does and which one to choose for your hair and your needs.

What do you get with pomade

pomade are, next to wax, the oldest form of hair styling for men. Since Ancient times, the Romans and Egyptians have been using oils to hold their hair and get shine.

Modern pomade takes this concept to a different level, but its purpose basically remains the same.

More classic pomade are petroleum-based and are very greasy.

It’s the stuff James Dean and Elvis used on their hair to give it that perfect shine and hold.

Some of the newer pomade are often water-based and easier to clean off, but the effect remains the same: slick styling for comb obtained hairstyles.

A lot of times pomade have a very shiny finish and can be restyled throughout the day using a comb.

What you can do with wax

Waxes are also one of the oldest forms of hair styling products. A wax will contain, as the name clearly says, lanolin wax or beeswax.

Unlike pomade, it can only be applied on dry hair and it has a very strong, crisp finish.

While a pomade is quite flexible and can be combed through multiple times, wax dries out after a while, holding a crispy look with a lot of details.

The great thing about wax is that it can be used to obtain really cool details in your hairstyle, like spikes or individual strands of hair.

Compared to pomade, wax has a more matte finish and it does not grease the hair so much. It is suitable for men with oily hair, while the pomade works great for those with dry hair.

Who wins, Pomade vs Wax

Ultimately, the ideal thing is to get both types of products and test them.

There are so many types of pomade and waxes that you can find both mediums to work great on your hair type.

Just experiment with both and see what the final result looks like.

Best pomade for men

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