With so many hair styling products it can be overwhelming.  I’m going to convince you why pomade in this article.  You will see pomade vs clay, fiber, wax, gel, and paste.

When it comes to styling their hair, men are often conservative and stick to the first product they have come across in middle school.  That was so true, but let’s get over that and check out two new ones, pomade vs fiber.


Pomade vs the rest (hair styling products!)

For the sake of your look and everyone else’s eyes, take some time to get to know other types of products than the gel you were overusing in high school.

pomade vs fiber

Luckily for you, today’s market is very competitive and innovative and it can get quite intimidated by a newbie at the beginning.

All those pomade, clays, waxes, putties, muds… So many funny names that you don’t know anything about.

Before plunging in the supermarket shelves and blindly picking boxes and cans of product, let’s see what some of the better-known categories do.


Pomade Vs Fiber: what’s the difference between them?

I chose to talk about pomade vs fiber because they are not so marketed and might confuse anyone who did not do previous research.

Also, they do quite different things, and you can choose one of the two, depending on your hair type and style.


What does a pomade do?

Pomade is perfect when you want to obtain that old-school, greasy look you know from Elvis Presley, James Dean and the cinema classics in the ‘50s.

The recent fashion trends incorporate retro looks, rockabilly, and classic hairstyles and clothes. Pomade is mandatory if you want to represent that era.

They hold the hair with a flexible, greasy formula and they provide plenty of shine.

You know that image of the rebel bad boy with sleek, shiny hair, which runs a comb through its locks while seducing some innocent girl?

This is what you can do with pomade; it can be restyled over the day and played with. It’s very appealing to guys that have a thing for classic, meticulous grooming and clothing styles.

It almost becomes a ritual and a way of life reminiscent of the old days.


What does a fiber product do?

Fiber is a resinous product that is thicker than pomade and holds better. It works differently with your volume and textures, and it is said a lot that it’s perfect for shorter hair.

A lot of guys with excellent hair use it because it coats the strands and offers body and texture.

After applying, you can smooth it out and comb it, not so smooth as with pomade though.

It is most versatile if you apply it in layers and create shapes and details with it, like spikes or messy, bed-hair. Compared to pomade, fiber gives you a more matte finish, and it looks more modern.

It depends on the type of hair you have if pomade works better for you or if you should go with fiber.

I would recommend pomade to guys with dry and thick hair and fiber to the ones with thin, oilier hair. Try them out and see how you like them both.

We review pomade vs fiber, but we also have comparisons for:

The world of men’s hairstyling products can be overwhelming with the huge variety of creams, pastes, gels, waxes, pomade, sprays and mousse.  We can help sum up two, pomade vs paste.

The market keeps coming with innovations and hybrid products so that a beginner can get lost in all the names on the shelves.

Pomade vs Paste.jpg

To make things easier, we will describe two ordinary hair styling products that often get mistaken for one another: pomade vs paste.

We will see what each does and what to expect when styling your hair with them.

A lot of men use the two products interchangeably, even though their purpose and effect are different.

They might look similar in the box, but the formulas are different, and they will behave differently.


Pomade Vs Paste

Pomade was initially made out of bear grease, and later, in the ‘50s, petroleum was their main ingredient.

Modern pomade can be water-based, and this changes them a lot since they are more user-friendly.

They can also be combined with wax for a more subtle look, but the purpose of pomade is to give shine and control.

Pastes, regarding composition, are also oil or water-based, but they also contain silicone.

Compared to pomade, they are less waxy and have higher water content. We will see how this affects the final result.



Unlike other hair products, pomade does not dry out or leave a flaky residue. pomade vs paste

Because it has soft waxes and oils in its composition, the hold will always be flexible. It is meant to be restyled throughout the day, if necessary.

The paste is much more rigid when it dries out and gives you a more natural, matte look.

You can obtain a bed-hair, messy look and play a little bit more with the shapes and details.

Pastes can also work as a base for your hairstyle and give you volume and texture before you go in with another finishing product.


Shine and hold

Today, a lot of classic style pomade is used to recreate retro looks, like rockabilly and rock’n’roll styles.

Pomade is perfect for pompadour, slicked backcombs and any hairstyle that is neatly attained with a comb. Greasy pomade doesn’t have such a stronghold and only work with sleek hairstyles.

Pastes are the most versatile of all hair products because they give you a natural, matte finish and have medium to a stronghold.

If you want your hair to shine, you can add something on top, but you will get all the benefits pastes to have.

The bottom line is, you need to research what each product does and also experiment yourself with different brands and types, you see who wins pomade vs paste.

They might not want both works for you, so you need to see the difference between them and choose what’s suitable for your hair.

In the world of well-groomed men, you will come across clashing opinions many times, and hair styling products can trigger many discussions and mini-battles.  Like pomade vs clay, which is better?

pomade vs clayIt’s understandable since anybody will defend the product that works best for them and the market is so chaotic and overcrowded with definitions and names.

Let’s take a step back and compare two of the most used categories of hair products: pomade vs clay.

What each one of them does and how to pick the proper one for your hair type and needs.


Pomade Vs Clay

Pomades are dedicated to the classic looking fellows, like the ones sporting pompadours, ducktail, quiffs and other hairstyles that are obtained with a comb.

The pomade is perfect for this style because it has a medium to a stronghold, but it’s flexible enough to be restyled many times during the dayPOMADE VS THE REST! (CLAY, FIBER, WAX, GEL, & PASTE) 2

Pomade are petroleum, water or wax-based and they behave differently depending on that, but the result is the same: slick, clean hairstyles with a certain amount of shine and flexible hold.

This category of products is mostly recommended for individuals with dry hair because it can be greasy.

The classic pomades have very simple formulas, and most of them are petroleum, so they can clog pores and trigger acne to persons prone to it.

It is also hard to wash out from your hair; this is why the newer generation of pomades are water-based and more user-friendly.



Even though you might see a wide range of products classified as clay just because of their thicker consistency, actual hair clays have bentonite or other clay powder in their composition.

pomade clayThis allows them to absorb a lot of water and increase their volume.

Clays have many health benefits and are very good for your skin and hair.

Unlike pomade, they don’t strip away natural hair oils when they are removed, which eliminated some scalp health issues.

Also, clay has healing properties, making clay use delicate care for your scalp skin. Obviously, it is very recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Regarding styling, clays are best known for their ability to add volume.

Because they retain so much water, they give your hair body and texture and a firm hold.

One of the more significant differences between clay and pomade is the finish: the clay is matte or semi-matte, while the pomade will always give you a certain amount of shine.

Decide for yourself which one to try out or, even better, take a sample of both and play around with them. While my review can help you imagine how they will perform, it’s always best to test them yourself.

You might be surprised by the results.

When it comes to hair styling for men, there are a lot of strong opinions about what to use and which look is better than the other.  We’ve narrowed down the battle of two, pomade vs gel.

pomade vs gelA lot of times I have seen pomade and gel being compared and put together.

Even though they do have similar properties, there are a lot of differences between them and I would like to go through them.

There is no point to have a pomade vs gel discussion without knowing first what each of them does.


Pomade Vs Gel

Gel for styling is a controversial subject, as some people might see it as tacky or low-class. Gels don’t deserve this reputation, but its improper application can look quite disastrous.

The main point of styling with hair gel is to obtain that slick, wet look that was popular during the ‘80s and ‘90s. Besides giving you a good amount of shine, this stuff holds strongly. For those who need every hair to stay in place for the whole day, a gel will not disappoint.

You can also create spikes and different kinds of details in your hairstyle, but be sure you get it right from the first try. Once gel hardens, you cannot restyle it again.

You will have to wash it out of your hair and start again from scratch. One of the best things about it is that it washes out quite quickly, which can also be a disadvantage if you are an active person and sweat or spend time in the heat.

It is not very pleasant to get your gel mixed with sweat and drip in your eyes.

Another minus point for the gel is that it sometimes dries with white flakes. To avoid that, use a light gel for lighter hair and use less product than you usually do.

Try to spread it evenly in your hair, of course by putting it on wet hair.


Benefits of using pomade?

Unlike gel, pomade does not mix with water very well. At least, not the classic pomade Elvis Presley and James Dean were using back in the day.

Those are petroleum-based products that will stay in your hair until you wash it twice or even three times.

You will not have the surprise of product infused sweat getting into your eyes, but you might have acne problems if your pores get clogged.

Another big difference between gels and pomade is that you can go in and restyle your pomade do many times a day. It has a flexible hold, and you can repair any mishaps with a pocket comb.

You will also look pretty old-school rock’n’roll doing it. With gel, you cannot do that, as it hardens terrible and holds your hairs together.

I don’t want you to think that pomade is better than gel or the other way around.

Both products do exactly the jobs they are assigned to do, you just have to choose exactly what you need and use the product correctly.

Go on and experiment with both and make your own educated decision.

With so many hair styling products for men on the market, it’s no wonder a beginner, and even more, experienced men are baffled by what to choose for their locks.  Mainly pomade vs wax, what is the big difference?

pomade vs waxThere are so many definitions, names, and promises coming from smart marketing and advertising, that, with all the catchy-ness of the product, you don’t know what it does.

I want to show you how to differentiate between two of the most used categories of men hair styling products: pomade vs wax. We will see what each of them does and which one to choose for your hair and your needs.


Pomade vs Wax

POMADE VS THE REST! (CLAY, FIBER, WAX, GEL, & PASTE) 3Pomade is, next to wax, the oldest form of hairstyling for men. Since ancient times, the Romans and Egyptians have been using oils to hold their hair and get shine.

Modern pomade takes this concept to a different level, but its purpose remains the same.

More classic pomade is petroleum-based and is very greasy.

It’s the stuff James Dean, and Elvis used on their hair to give it that perfect shine and hold.

Some of the newer pomades are often water-based and easier to clean off, but the effect remains the same: slick styling for comb obtained hairstyles.

A lot of times pomade has a very shiny finish and can be restyled throughout the day using a comb.


What you can do with wax

POMADE VS THE REST! (CLAY, FIBER, WAX, GEL, & PASTE) 4Waxes are also one of the oldest forms of hair styling products. A wax will contain, as the name says, lanolin wax or beeswax.

Unlike pomade, it can only be applied to dry hair, and it has a very strong, crisp finish.

While a pomade is quite flexible and can be combed through multiple times, the wax dries out after a while, holding a crisp look with a lot of details.

The great thing about wax is that it can be used to obtain cool details in your hairstyle, like spikes or individual strands of hair.

Compared to pomade, wax has a more matte finish, and it does not grease the hair so much. It is suitable for men with oily hair, while the pomade works great for those with dry hair.


Who wins, Pomade vs Wax

Ultimately, the ideal thing is to get both types of products and test them.

There are so many types of pomade and waxes that you can find both mediums to work great for your hair type.

Just experiment with both and see what the final result looks like.



So there you have it, five different styles to compare from.  And as you can see, pomade is much more versatile and will make you look sharp, and bonus, smell good.

For further reading on the best pomade, check out the link.  Thanks for stopping by!

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