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How Long Will My Hair Grow in 6 Months? Know What to Expect

On average, hair grows around 3 inches in 6 months. If you take care of your hair strands and prevent breakage, you could see up to 6 inches of hair growth in only 6 months!

If you wonder what 6 inches of hair growth looks like on you, implement the LOC method into your routine, and see what difference it makes in your hair growth.


What Is The LOC Method?

LOC method for Hair growth

The LOC or Liquid Oil Cream method is a guide for locking moisture into your hair. You first hydrate your hair with a liquid, lock the moisture in with an oil, and then apply a cream to seal the hair cuticles.


Which Hair Types Are Suitable for LOC?

LOC works best on the type 4 hair types, described as curly, kinky, or coily. 4a, 4b, and 4c hair types will benefit from LOC. It is also suitable for frizzy type 4 hair. High porosity hair has been shown to benefit significantly more from the LOC method than low porosity hair.


How to Do LOC

The LOC method maximizes moisture retention in the hair. First, you wet your hair with water or a spray. Next, you slather your hair in oil to lock in the moisture. Third, you cover it all with cream or butter to seal it.

Watch the following video to learn how to do LOC method to moisturize curly hair.


Best Products for LOC According to Hair Type

LOC Method - Oil

Here are the best oil product choices for different hair types. Combine these with a curl cream or butter for the best results:

High Porosity– castor oil, olive oil

Neutral Porosity– jojoba oil, grapeseed oil

Low Porosity– avocado oil, argan oil


How Often Can You Use LOC?

You can technically do the LOC method every day, although it comes down to personal preference. Some people find that doing LOC every day leaves their hair with product buildup. To increase 6-month hair growth for women, use LOC at least once a week. To increase 6-month hair growth for men, use LOC at least every other week.


Increases moisture retention

Tames frizz

Can promote faster hair growth



Can leave hair feeling weighed down

Not suitable for all hair types




The LCO or Liquid Cream Oil method is just a switched up LOC. It is preferable for low porosity hair. LCO works by saturating your hair with liquid, coating it with cream so your hair can absorb its water content, then covering it with oil to mix with the cream and form a thick barrier.

LOC works best with high porosity hair. The LOC method can often leave low porosity hair feeling full of product and weighty. High porosity hair absorbs more liquid and takes in more oil and cream, leaving a light coating on your strands.



The LOC Method is one way that you can hydrate your hair and promote faster growth. If you have been struggling with dry hair or looking to increase your 6-month hair growth, introducing the LOC method into your hair routine could help you achieve your desired length and strength!

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