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Price of Perm: How Much Can I Expect to Pay?

The price of perm depends on a couple of factors: where you get your perm, what kind of hair you have, and what style you would like. Plus, you’ll have to factor in what hair products you’ll need at home to help maintain your pretty new style.

Keep in mind that getting a perm is a lengthy process, lasting anywhere from 1 to 5 hours. It may also require different levels of maintenance. We’ll discuss a few different types of perms and how they work on different lengths of hair. We’ll even include a mini table to show you your options at a glance, along with their average costs.


Price of Perm

perm hair cost

The price of perm will depend on the salon and who styles it. Expect to pay at least $40, but no more than $200 or $250 at the highest. Don’t forget to add a tip for your stylist at the end of the session.

Spending money to get a perm extends to taking care of it too. Depending on the perm style, you might need to invest in particular hair care products to maintain it. That might include special conditioners or protein solutions, but you can ask your stylist for product recommendations.

If you’re going from straight to curly hair, you’ll mostly need products made just for curly hair. Plus, you’ll need to make more regular appointments with your stylist every three months or so.

Perms cost a pretty penny depending on the style and the salon, but the pros should hopefully outweigh any worries you have about cost or maintaining your new style. We hope you have fun choosing and then implementing your beautiful new hair!

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