Best Pomades For Curly Hair

Today’s 5 Best Pomades For Curly Hair

Of all the hair types, curly hair is probably the trickiest to work with.  Using the best pomade for curly hair is the key to accomplishing a great style.

Below I will go through only the best pomades to help you make a decision today.

But before I dive in, I want to go over how to identify your hair type.  This is important for several reasons.  You might need a heavier or liter pomade, you may need to apply a lot or a little.  With that in mind, only you know your hair and from there you are one step closer.


Pomade for thick curly hair

Thick curly hair is naturally amazing but does tend to do its own thing as it wishes, depending on the weather and conditions of course.

Knowing that it is going to take a stronger product to control the curls, a heavy pomade would be recommended in the industry.

An oil and wax-based is a great way to control the curls.  You can also go the water-based route, applying more product throughout the day would control your hair nicely.


Pomade for thin curly hair

Thin curly hair is more delicate to work with, so a lighter pomade is recommended, such as a water-based pomade.

Using a lighter product in small amounts will make a noticeable difference in your hair.

Depending on the style you are going for, or if you just want to keep the curls from curling, use with a little bit of water to thin the product before applying.


What ingredients are in Pomade for curly hair?

The main ingredients are wax, jelly, dye for color, and fragrance for scent.  Many companies make several strengths of pomades and others are versatile and make one that is great for everyday use.  I have listed a couple of those in the top 5.

Beeswax is not a recommended ingredient in pomade for curly hair.  although it can do wonders as far as hold goes, product build-up will occur if used daily and that can lead to several issues, such as hair loss.


Top 5 Best Pomades For Curly Hair

One of the best products in the industry right now.  Made in the USA, this pomade is for hair that is complicated.

Use Suavecito for curly hair and get a stronghold, great smell, and a touch of shine for many hours during the day.

Suavecito is a unique pomade that has a creamy and has a lite application, making it easy to comb into curly hair.  But just as important is the hold, this stuff lives up to its name, it’s strong but not stiff like gel.

It holds your hair in place without looking like it is glued down by gel or hair spray.  Or You can read the full Suavecito pomade review here 

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A little bit of Layrite goes a long way.  A super-rich and thick pomade distribute nicely and even through your hair.

This is a personal favorite of mine because it works well with my thick hair and curls. Holds like a strong wax, but washes out easily like a gel.

Smells decent as well, with a mild- vanilla fragrance.

Known in the barbershop as a healthy hair product to use while having a reputation for having a wonderful firm hold, this product is worth the extra few dollars.  Read our Layrite Pomade review here

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Reuzel is a company from Holland, and they were thinking about everyone’s hair when they made these 4 different colored tins.

Each color can represent a different level of hold and shine which is great for curly hair.  They have medium to high hold that will last all day.

The Reuzel Blue is perfect for curls because its formula is water-based and strong similar to wax.  The nice thing is it holds great, works well with thick and thin curls long after you applied it.

There is so much to say about Reuzel, I recommend you read our full Reuzel pomade review here.

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That is Elvis on the lid with his iconic hairstyle.

American Crew Pomade is defiantly a higher-end product.  Similar to Layrite, the wanted to have a superior barbershop product that works for all hair types.

A water-based product uses natural ingredients but that doesn’t compromise the hold or shine.

The scent is typical of a high-end salon product, smells good, and isn’t overly scented.  American crew strives to help men with their hairstyles and overall confidence.

Giving men and women the resources they need to look and feel good.  Read our full American Crew Pomade review here.

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Smooth Viking pomade is the product that will help control your frizzy curly hair.  It gives a stronghold without making your hair look hard, crispy, or greasy.

Easy to work with, just apply a dab in your hand, mix with a drop of water and work it into your hair.  Rinses out just as easily too. Smooth Viking’s formula is great for thin and thick curly hair.

A little goes a long way.  Smells great too!  Read more Smooth Viking Pomade reviews at here.

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Although these 5 are the best pomade for curly hair, there are tons in the market.  I choose these for being the most credible, I tried them all and I agree.

Pomade is affordable so you can easily try new ones, but I know once you try one of the 5 above, you will stick to the brand for a long time.

You can read more of our reviews of the best pomade for men here.


Using Pomade for curly hair

Use these products with damp not wet hair.  This makes it apply easier.  You can then use a hairdryer to dry into place.

Curly hair is going to take a little more work with the pomade and hairdryer.  You will probably have to reapply a couple of times while combing and drying.


Is pomade good for curly hair?

In general, using pomade will not hurt your hair, as long as you are showering at least the next day after use.  Proper care will help keep your hair healthy.

Pomade is probably the best hair product to use for curly hair.  Pomade takes control of the curls and gives them and natural control and shine.

Especially in the summertime, when hair tends to get frizzy at times.



The best pomade for curly hair, in my opinion, is Suavecito Strong Hold, but truthfully any of the above are fantastic.

They are affordable and available online with 1-day free shipping.  Give one a try today, you won’t be disappointed.

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