Best Mirror For Seeing Back Of Head  Cutting With 7 Reviews 1

Best Mirror For Seeing Back Of Head Cutting With 7 Reviews

If you have every tried to cut your own hair by yourself?  If so, you know that the hardest part is cutting the back.

Is there a mirror for seeing back of head?  Yes, in fact there are dozens of them.

If you cut your own hair or even style it daily, you need to be able to see what that back of your head looks like.

Im guilty of having the spiked hair and even the hairs standing straight up without even knowing it!  How embarrassing!

I have done the research and below you will see some of the best mirror for cutting own hair, most importantly the back.

Choosing the best mirror for cutting own hair

Whether you are male of female will only make a small difference. 

The longer the hair is the bigger the mirror you choose will be better for you.  But in my opinion it isn’t going to hurt if you have a smaller mirror, you might just need to do more angle changes.

  1. Choose a mirror that will work for your hair type.
  2. Choose a mirror that will look nice in your bathroom, for example chrome.

Table of Contents

Best Mirror For Seeing Back Of Head Reviews

1.DecoBros 9.8-Inch

The DecoBros 9.8 inch mirror is perfect for cutting the sides and back of your head as well as adding to the decor of your bathroom.

This mirror comes in a very nice looking nickel finish, that compliments any paint finish or bathroom style.

The 9.8-inch mirror has a total 25-inch circumference and a 13.5-inch extension that folds nicely against the wall when not in use. 

The two-sided mirror is nice to have, you have a normal side and then a 7x magnified side.  Both are easily accessible by flipping it over.

It’s so easy to install, comes with all the hardware to do so, you’ll just need a screwdriver.  

I Highly recommend the Decobros bathroom mirror.

My Rating:
4.8 out of 5

2.DecoBros 8-inch

Another DecoBros style mirror, but this one is the 8-inch version with an accordion-style extender.

It has the same nickel finish, wall mount, and 360-degree swivel design as the DecoBros mirror above.  I personally love the design for its accordion extender, which extends an impressive 23.3 inches.  It folds up nicely against the wall when not extended.

Double-sided with one being a 7x magnification option, works really well for applying hair color and make-up. 

This is a very nice stylish mirror that is also functional, especially for seeing what the back of your head looks like!

Super easy to install!

You really can’t beat the price for an awesome mirror.

My Rating:
4.8 out of 5


How about a wall-mounted mirror that lights up?  GURUN makes mirror’s and this one is the very best of them.

The wall-mounted, 360-degree swivel is what you need if you cut your own hair.   But just to kick it up a notch, they have added LED light to it.  This is great since a lot of bathroom light comes from the front where the sink is.  This is perfect for seeing the back of your head.

A double-sided mirror in a chrome finish is an elegant design that will make any bathroom resemble a spa or hotel bathroom.

This requires a plug-in within 3-4 feet from the mounted mirror.

My Rating:
4.1 out of 5

4.Ovente Wall Mounted Vanity Mirror

The Ovente mirror is actually designed for doing makeup, but I found that it also works great for cutting your hair because it has that 360 design and extends to the back while also lighting up.

A great LED light option that runs on batteries.  A great option for those areas where you don’t have a plugin.

There are 3 choices for finish, Antique bronze, Nickle Brushed and Polished Chrome.  

My Rating:
4.8 out of 5


Jerdon is known for style and top of the line quality in the beauty industry, and this mirror proves just that.

And excellent wall mount mirror that extends 13.5 inches and folds back in when not in use.

It comes in 3 stylish finishes, Bronze, Chrome and Nickel.

Double-sided mirror with magnification on one side and normal on the other works great for both hair and makeup.

My Rating:
4.8 out of 5

6.ALHAKIN Extendable Mirror

A perfect wall mounted bathroom mirror.  With a 360 degree rotation and 8-inch large mirror.  Extends 12 inches and folds up against the wall when done.

The design is for all types of angles, up close, way in the back of your head, or which ever way you like, it swivels all around.

Great for shaving, cutting your hair or makeup.

Easy to install and looks sharp in your bathroom.

My Rating:
4.5 out of 5


A popular mirror that is stylish, works great, and is easy to install.

GuRun has a decorative dark metal design that makes this mirror look like a very expensive one.  Not to say this isn’t but when you can make a product that looks great for half the cost, that’s a home fun for me!

An 8-inch mirror is a perfect size for helping with seeing the back of your head.  The arm extends 12 inches and can swivel to whichever angle you like.

Easy and quick to install, this bathroom mirror is the perfect assistant for cutting your hair.

My Rating:
4.6 out of 5

FAQ Section

How do you put a mirror in the back of the head?

Using a wall-mounted mirror and the bathroom mirror together you can see the back of your head very well.  Simply, extend the wall mount to the back of your head while continually looking at the bathroom mirror to achieve this.

best mirror for seeing back of head

How do I shave the back of my head myself?

Shaving the back of your head is easily the most difficult part of cutting your own hair at home.  But with the help of any of my recommended mirrors, you can do this more accurately. 

Final Verdict

Using the above-recommended guide for mirrors for seeing the back of your head, you will be able to get to those areas you couldn’t earlier.

Take it from me, if you are going to start cutting your hair at home, you will want to use a mirror.  A hand-held does work, but I find it easier to have a hands free mirror.

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pomade for asian hair

The 5 Best Pomades for Asian Hair. 2020 Guide

The struggles with having Asian type hair is real.  It’s thicker and fuller because it has twice the diameter then Caucasian hair.   If you want to style it, you need a good hair product to do so.

I discovered pomade, and I can’t tell you how awesome this stuff is and how it has changed my hair life.  All pomades are great but it depends on your hair type and what style you are going for.  

I explain further in the article about that if you would like more in-depth information.  There are dozens of hair products to use, I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to try so many of them.

To pinpoint the product that works best for Asian hair is difficult because everyone’s hair is unique.  

But what I can do is let you see some of the pomades that worked for my thick wavy hair.

If you’re in a hurry, check out what I have been using daily because of how it holds my style for long hours during the day.

Our Favorite Pomades!

How to pick a pomade to use

I like to leave this up to you because it depends on what you want your hair to look like and do.  But here are a few tips to help you decide.

  1. If your hair is naturally oily, choose a matte finish.  This is because some pomades have more shine to it and that makes look almost wet, but if it’s slicked back, it looks really good.
  2. Is your hair dehydrated and dry?  I would recommend trying a heavy pomade like reuzel.
  3. Want your hair to have volume, use pomade on damp hair and then blow-dry while using a comb to get the height.

Table of Contents

While putting our top 5 list together we try to gather 1 or two from each of the following type of pomade.

  1. Water-based
  2. Oil-based
  3. Wax or Clay

See the comparisons and read further reviews below.

Best Asian Hair Products

#1.Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade

Suavecito Pomade Original Hold - 4 oz

Suavecito is a fantastic smelling water-based pomade.

One of the more sought after pomades because it’s made by people who use it.  With their formula, you get long lasting hold, great smell and a product that you can use to style any hair.

  • Water soluble, washes it out easily.  No greasy mess.
  • Holds great, strong enough to last all day.
  • Applies in your hair very easy.
  • Smell is like a hint of cologne and cedar.
My Rating:
5 out of 5

Easily the most talked about pomade out there because of their heavy branding.  You might have seen these guys at concert festivals, tattoo conventions, biker bars, where ever cool dudes are gonna be, they will be there.

Their story goes way back in to the 90’s where the rockabilly scene was kicking off.  As it turns out, pomade was only available if you ordered it from overseas. 

So they eventually realized they could make their own, so they did and they made it to work for them!  My barber introduced me to them, and I have been a big fan as so many others are as well.

Suavecito Pomade

I like to say this is the perfect pomade for thicker hair.  As I mentioned it was recommended by my barber, I liked it so much I went back a bought a jar for myself.

It is a water-based that has the strength of gel and hairspray.

The nice thing with it being water subtle is you can easily restyle with just a little more water

The color is a transparent-brownish tint, not my personal favorite.  I like clear or reddish tints. Either way, it makes no difference.

The smell is a nice lite cologne sent.  Just enough to give a good smell to a passing stranger.

What I like

My favorite thing about Suavecito is the hold.  My thick hair needs something really strong.

I also liked the shine was about a medium and lasted for most of the day.  My dark hair has a shine of its own, so I really don’t want to amplify it anymore.

Suavecito Firme Hold is really great for thick Asian hair.

What I don't like

This product is for thick hair and it works really great.  That being said, I wouldn’t recommend this for thin hair.

  • Great Brand
  • Strong holding
  • Applies easily
  • Style high pompodours
    and other styles easily
  • Stronger Cologne
  • Not for thin hair

Order Online At Amazon: Suavecito Firme Hold
Read Our In-depth Review: Suavecito Firme Hold Review

#2. American Crew Pomade

American Crew Pomade, 1.75 oz, Smooth Control with High Shine

American crew pomade, is a high end styling pomade. 

Smells clean and works for thick hair that you want to style up with volume. 

  • Water soluble, washes it out easily.  No greasy mess.
  • Holds great, strong enough to last all day.
  • Applies in your hair very easy.
  • Smell is like a hint of cologne and cedar.
My Rating:
4.5 out of 5

American crew is a very high-end pomade.  It’s especially great for thick hair.  It has excellent strength and holds high volume styles.

My first impression was this is a very salon product.  It feels like a product.  Whereas some pomades have that DIY, made at home stuff, like Suavecito.

To be honest, it was such a nice clean bottle that I thought it may have been something my mom bought.

But I’m not trying to knock it.  I gave it a chance and was surprised.

American Crew Pomade

I found this pomade to have the many quality’s I was looking for to help contain wavy thick hair.

It smells really nice, subtle and not overpowering and gives you a medium to matte shine.

What I like

I popped the top and got a burst of a subtly scented cologne.  It is sort of clear and sticky.

It went into my hair fairly easily.  I just put a dab in my hand and tossed in my hair.  Combed it in, and it worked nicely.

It has a very stronghold and the shine wasn’t that bad either.

Overall, this is a great product that may cost you a few more dollars.  But I think, if you need a stronghold that isn’t a gel, go for this.

What I don't like

It’s doesn’t have that high sheen look to it after applied.  I know some people who like to have a little more shine from a product like this.

This is a matte finish, which is also ok for not looking too over the top.

Small jar and a little pricier than others.

  • Moderate to Strong Hold
  • Matte Shine
  • Easy to apply
  • Extra Volume
  • Low shine

Order Online At Amazon: American Crew Pomade
Read Our In-depth Review: American Crew Pomade Review

#3. Layrite Super Hold Pomade

Layrite Superhold Pomade, 4.25 oz

Layrite Super Hold is a mens grooming product that has exceeded expectations for the past twenty years. 

A great smell and great hold for thicker hair.

  • Hold like wax, washes out like gel
  • Medium hold
  • Medium shine
  • Water Soluble
My Rating:
4.8 out of 5

Layrite is a super cool product, possibly one of my favorite weapons I like to use.  First recommended by my barber at the time, I have been a fan for of Layrite since.

What I like is it is a higher end pomade, that has a reputation for having a great hold that looks natural and smells nice, not too over powering.

I watched a video once on how this product is made.  It is made in small batches and put in a refrigerators to cool down.I like that this is a hand-made, small-batch product.  But moving onto my review.

Layrite Super Hold Pomade

It comes in a nice big white container.  When you open it the first thing I noticed was the color of the pomade.  It is bright orange, super cool.  For once the smell didn’t hit me, it was the color.

But the smell is nice almost natural vanilla.

No cologne here, but that’s ok, this gives you the option to use some if you like and not have double trouble smell.

This is a water-based product that went into my hair easily.  Small dabs in you my hand in and it absorbed well in my hair.

A good comb-through to get my slick-back undercut style.

What I like

I notice this is super great for thick hair.  It holds a lot better than suavecito firme hold.

This does have a good shine to it, almost more than others.  But I think the less water used could tame it.

Overall, Layrite Super Hold is one of the best pomade.

What I don't like

Non I can think of, overall this is the great pomade for what you are looking for.

  • Not Greasy
  • Great for Thick Hair
  • Holds All day
  • Recent price increase

Order Online At Amazon: Layrite Superhold Pomade
Read Our In-depth Review: Layrite Super Hold Review

#4. Imperial Classic Pomade

Imperial Barber Classic Pomade, 6 oz

A mens grooming product the exceeds expectations for the past twenty years. 

A great smell and great hold for thicker hair.

  • Hold like wax, washes out like gel
  • Medium hold
  • Medium shine
  • Water Soluble
My Rating:
4.8 out of 5

Here is the Imperial Classic Pomade, known for being tough on stubborn hair.  They like to call it “industrial-strength hold”, which I presume means that it can put a hold on even the THICKEST hair!

I’ve tried lots of these that claim to have that strong firm hold, but imperial classic does indeed have that super strength that doesn’t leave your hair crunchy like gel and hairspray.

Imperial Classic Pomade

With having thick Asian hair , I found that Imperail is the premium of the pomades I have tried.  Having the best hold of them all, without any dry flakes showing up, this one works for our type of hair.

Advertising that it has the toughest hold, would make one think, it is probably really difficult to apply.  But actually, it is just fine.  A small amount and splash of water works well when applying to your hair.

It goes in pretty well, using a comb will help, and I do think it is necessary.

What I like

It’s a water-based pomade, that rinsed out easily and clean.  Re-apply later in the day with some water and you’re good to go.

It comes in a nice jar that is pretty simple.  When you open it you’ll notice the clear thick product.

The smell is simple, and unlike others, it has a faint fruity smell, almost like a melon.

Over all, I give Imperial Classic a 9/10 for hold and shine.

What I don't like

None I can think of, overall this is the toughest pomade for thick hair.

  • Super Strength - Doesn't leave a crunch either
  • Smooth Application
  • Rinses out easily
  • Not for thing hair

Order Online At Amazon: Imperial Classic Pomade
Read Our In-depth Review: Imperial Classic Pomade Review

#5. Fisticuffs Tuff Hold Pomade

The 5 Best Pomades for Asian Hair. 2020 Guide 2

Fisticuffs is another great tough pomade for thick wavy hair.

It’s a water-based product, so it is very easy to work with and can be re-worked when needed.

  • Tuff Hold
  • Barbershop Scent
  • Long lasting
  • High Shine
  • Water-Based
  • Easily washes out
My Rating:
4.8 out of 5

Fisticuffs also are known as “Tuff Hold” is another great water-based pomade for thick hair.

I first came across this product from one of my friends who rocks a great pompadour.  You know, one that was really high, and slicked back perfectly.  He told me I had to try it!

Fisticuffs "Tuff hold" Pomade

My first impression is I just love the jar (2020 update, new artwork is not as cool), it has that psycho-billy badass feel.  I do get the sense that this is really strong stuff.

It has a nice clean, fresh barbershop smell, like sandalwood.

It works really well for styling and has a strong “tuff hold”.  A lot stronger than layrite.

This is an affordable pomade, much cheaper than salon-style products.

What I like

My review, this stuff is awesome, has a great stronghold and smells really awesome.  Works into your hair well and stays for many hours.  Restyle when needed.

Now I’m not sure this is will be your style, but I do think it is my top 5 pomades for Asian hair.

I’ve seen some cool looking Pomps and flows, but worked well for my quiff.

What I don't like

Fisticuffs doesn’t have much I don’t like.  For the price of this jar versus the others, you get a great product for a really decent price.

  • Great Value for the money
  • Strong Holding Pomade
  • Very easy to use
  • Doesn't leave your hair stiff
  • None! Great starter pomade

Order Online At Amazon: Fisticuffs “tuff hold” Pomade
Read Our In-depth Review: Fisticuffs “tuff hold” Pomade Review

Other Asian Hair Products I Recommend

There are hundreds of hair products you can choose from, but I’ve narrowed it down to 5 of my favorite go-to pomades. Why do I use pomade and not gel or hairspray? Pomade is more professional, it’s what salon and stylist use on their clients.

best pomade for asian hairNow that you have read the reviews above you cas see why these are the most popular among people with very dark thick hair.

If you are wanting to have more control and ability to style, use any of the recommended below.

Over the last two years, I have used pomade to create professionally styled hair like a slick back, pompadour, and even a quiff.

The key to these top 6 is “the hold”.  You see, having that thicker hair means you need stronger and longer-lasting hold.  Unlike gel and hairspray, this will hold a nice slick back or parted style for a lot more hours.

The scent is very important for me as well.  I like a nice cologne smell that isn’t overpowering, but I also like a naturally sweet aroma.  You get that with those five for sure.

Product FAQ Section

Should I Wash Out Pomade Before Bed?

The answer is No, but sometimes yes and here is why.

Depending on the type of pomade you use will make that decision for you.

Oil-based Pomades are a definite yes.  Because it is oil-based, that means its heavier and greasy.

This will likely mess up your bed sheets and also, could cause you to break out with acne.  One of the many reasons I don’t ever use oil-based.

Water-based pomades are the way to go, they are lighter and dry out.

That why overtime you will have to reapply some pomade during the day.  Rarely have I had to do that unless I go out at night.

I don’t wash the pomade out before bed and I have no issues, but I only use water-based.

Final Verdict

I have listed some great tips that are very popular today.  I have no doubt that if your hair is thick, any of these will do the trick.  You may need to ask yourself what kind of style are you going for.

Slick back, undercuts, pompadours, k-pop hairstyles, etc.

From there you can figure out how strong your pomade needs to be.  Thanks for considering pomade, we hope you found a new product to use.

You can read our other article about the best pomade to use here.

Featured photo 

Camera photo created by katemangostar -

Today’s 5 Best Pomades For Curly Hair

Of all the hair types, curly hair is probably the trickiest to work with.  Using the best pomade for curly hair is the key to accomplishing a great style.

Below I will go through only the best pomades to help you make a decision today.

But before I dive in, I want to go over how to identify your hair type.  This is important for several reasons.  You might need a heavier or liter pomade, you may need to apply a lot or a little.  With that in mind, only you know your hair and from there you are one step closer.

Pomade for thick curly hair

Thick curly hair is naturally amazing but does tend to do its own thing as it wishes, depending on the weather and conditions of course.

Knowing that it is going to take a stronger product to control the curls, a heavy pomade would be recommended in the industry.

An oil and wax-based is a great way to control the curls.  You can also go the water-based route, applying more product throughout the day would control your hair nicely.

Pomade for thin curly hair

Thin curly hair is more delicate to work with, so a lighter pomade is recommended, such as a water-based pomade.

Using a lighter product in small amounts will make a noticeable difference in your hair.

Depending on the style you are going for, or if you just want to keep the curls from curling, use with a little bit of water to thin the product before applying.

What ingredients are in Pomade for curly hair?

The main ingredients are wax, jelly, dye for color, and fragrance for scent.  Many companies make several strengths of pomades and others are versatile and make one that is great for everyday use.  I have listed a couple of those in the top 5.

Beeswax is not a recommended ingredient in pomade for curly hair.  although it can do wonders as far as hold goes, product build-up will occur if used daily and that can lead to several issues, such as hair loss.


Top 5 Best Pomades For Curly Hair

One of the best products in the industry right now.  Made in the USA, this pomade is for hair that is complicated.

Use Suavecito for curly hair and get a stronghold, great smell, and a touch of shine for many hours during the day.

Suavecito is a unique pomade that has a creamy and has a lite application, making it easy to comb into curly hair.  But just as important is the hold, this stuff lives up to its name, it’s strong but not stiff like gel.

It holds your hair in place without looking like it is glued down by gel or hair spray.  Or You can read the full Suavecito pomade review here 

Buy From Here

A little bit of Layrite goes a long way.  A super-rich and thick pomade distribute nicely and even through your hair.

This is a personal favorite of mine because it works well with my thick hair and curls. Holds like a strong wax, but washes out easily like a gel.

Smells decent as well, with a mild- vanilla fragrance.

Known in the barbershop as a healthy hair product to use while having a reputation for having a wonderful firm hold, this product is worth the extra few dollars.  Read our Layrite Pomade review here

Buy From Here .

Reuzel is a company from Holland, and they were thinking about everyone’s hair when they made these 4 different colored tins.

Each color can represent a different level of hold and shine which is great for curly hair.  They have medium to high hold that will last all day.

The Reuzel Blue is perfect for curls because its formula is water-based and strong similar to wax.  The nice thing is it holds great, works well with thick and thin curls long after you applied it.

There is so much to say about Reuzel, I recommend you read our full Reuzel pomade review here.

Buy From Here

That is Elvis on the lid with his iconic hairstyle.

American Crew Pomade is defiantly a higher-end product.  Similar to Layrite, the wanted to have a superior barbershop product that works for all hair types.

A water-based product uses natural ingredients but that doesn’t compromise the hold or shine.

The scent is typical of a high-end salon product, smells good, and isn’t overly scented.  American crew strives to help men with their hairstyles and overall confidence.

Giving men and women the resources they need to look and feel good.  Read our full American Crew Pomade review here.

Buy From Here

Smooth Viking pomade is the product that will help control your frizzy curly hair.  It gives a stronghold without making your hair look hard, crispy, or greasy.

Easy to work with, just apply a dab in your hand, mix with a drop of water and work it into your hair.  Rinses out just as easily too. Smooth Viking’s formula is great for thin and thick curly hair.

A little goes a long way.  Smells great too!  Read more Smooth Viking Pomade reviews at here.

Buy From Here

Although these 5 are the best pomade for curly hair, there are tons in the market.  I choose these for being the most credible, I tried them all and I agree.

Pomade is affordable so you can easily try new ones, but I know once you try one of the 5 above, you will stick to the brand for a long time.

You can read more of our reviews of the best pomade for men here.

Using Pomade for curly hair

Use these products with damp not wet hair.  This makes it apply easier.  You can then use a hairdryer to dry into place.

Curly hair is going to take a little more work with the pomade and hairdryer.  You will probably have to reapply a couple of times while combing and drying.

Is pomade good for curly hair?

In general, using pomade will not hurt your hair, as long as you are showering at least the next day after use.  Proper care will help keep your hair healthy.

Pomade is probably the best hair product to use for curly hair.  Pomade takes control of the curls and gives them and natural control and shine.

Especially in the summertime, when hair tends to get frizzy at times.


The best pomade for curly hair, in my opinion, is Suavecito Strong Hold, but truthfully any of the above are fantastic.

They are affordable and available online with 1-day free shipping.  Give one a try today, you won’t be disappointed.

goon grease review

Goon Grease Review – Hair Pomade

You might get tired of hearing about this product, but if you don’t, it means you haven’t tried it yet! Lockhart’s Goon Grease has rapidly become one of the most exciting brands on the market and deservedly so.

I wanted to write a Goon Grease review to really convince you that this stuff is the best.

The Goon Grease Review

Lockhart's Hair Pomade Limited Edition Goon Grease, 4 Ounce by Lockhart's Authentic

The tin of this pomade is round and quite wide, holding 4 Oz. of product, pretty much the basic pomade tin.

What I like about it is that the side of the tin is covered with a sleeve made out of vinyl, which protects the packaging a lot. Those of you who ordered pomades online know what I’m talking about.

The design of the packaging is original and fun, focusing on the necessary information and the now-iconic name of the pomade.

The font of the name is toxic green and gooey looking, while the rest of the label has a clean look, black lettering against a cream background.

The look and feel

This product has a fun, unexpected color. You don’t get to see this color in pomades every day. They have really nailed it presentation-wise.

The smell is interesting because currently, they give you two choices in fragrance: the original lemony smell – Citrus Cologne, and a musky newer variant (Cinnamon Sandalwood).

I love how they thought of giving the client a chance to choose the type of perfume.

Often I love how a product behaves and performs, but the perfume really puts me off, and I have to give it away. With

Goon Grease, you can choose if you want a fresh, crisp scent or a musky, earthy one.

But the truly amazing thing about this pomade is the way it applies to your hair and how it holds.

This is a strong holding pomade, so you would expect it to be thick and difficult to blend in your hair.

Goon Grease has the texture of a medium-hold pomade, and it’s waxy, greasy, and almost like a balm when you heat it in your hands.

The hold

Although it applies like a charm, this thing holds perfectly. Even on the second or third day, with a little build-up, you can enjoy that first layer of the product.

It re-styles wonderfully, `and it holds well without making the hair hard and crispy. It also has a wonderful amount of shine, making it perfect for your every day handsomeness!

I hope my Goon Grease review convinced you to try it.

Goon Grease is as heavy as it gets from Lockhart’s.

This authentic pomade will definitely keep your hair in place and will give you the classic, slicked back look that a lot of people who use these products are looking for.

It has great conditioning properties in addition to its powerful styling abilities, so your hair is very well protected during the day, and you don’t have to worry about not only sloppiness and flyaways, but you also don’t have to worry about damage from the environment as much as you would otherwise.

The Best Air Purifier If You Have Pets 3

The Best Air Purifier If You Have Pets

There was a point in time where I struggled with breathing and sneezing from having my cats in the house.  Life is much better now that I have the best air purifier for pet allergies and asthma.

My symptoms were visibly obvious, especially to co-workers who were concerned when they saw my eyes both looked as if I had a bad case of pink eye.

Swollen, watery, itchy and red not to mention the wheezing from struggling to breathe.

My co-worker mentioned I should get an air purifier

I was resistant to that, saying I had tried those before and found them to be annoying.

Having had allergies and asthma for decades I became used to it, and that was just life.  I thought it was seasonal allergies, which is partially true because my flare-ups would happen in the spring and summer.

But I also started to think that maybe it was the 100-year-old house I was living in? Perhaps it had mold and radon coming from the basement.  I even bought test kits from ace hardware.

All of those things may have affected my asthma and allergies.

I caved in and bought an air purifier

I reached the point where it was so bad; I couldn’t handle it anymore.  We even considered moving out; it was that bad.

So one day, I went and bought three different air purifiers, one for the living room, the bedroom and the kitchen.

best air purifier for pet allergies and asthmaI turned them up to full blast and left for the day.  More details about the three I bought below.

When I got home from work, I could feel the difference in the air instantly.  It was refreshing, and I thought to myself, this is going to work.

After a night of sleep, I woke up and I could tell my eyes were better and I didn’t need to use my inhaler at all during the night.

This was amazing if you have ever suffered from asthma, allergies or both, to find a remedy that works.  Your life goes back to 100% again; I am glad I finally purchased them.

The Best Air Purifier For Pet Allergies And Asthma

As I mentioned above, here are the units I bought.  Based on the size of the rooms in the house.  I was desperate and bought three in one day after I felt the relief I knew this worked.  So I went and bought two more for the other rooms.

What are HEPA air filters?

If you are sensitive to animal hair and dander, a HEPA air filter is what you need to look for.  A HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is designed to catch the smallest particles in the air about 99.97%.

It can dramatically reduce dust and odors as well.

Recommended by doctors and allergist because of its ability to reduce those irritants.  People with allergies and asthma would benefit from a HEPA air filter.

Make sure that you search for the best air purifier for pet allergies and asthma by looking for the HEPA air filter on the box.  This is a good indicator this is the right one for you.

Even though we might have allergies and breathing problems, we love our pets, and I couldn’t imagine life without them.  With a good air filter and weekly vacuuming, life with pets and allergies gets much better.

How can it help your life?

You don’t think about the things you can’t see, like dust and pet hair.  But somehow your body knows, and it reacts to it in a not so comfortable way.  Its the body fighting off the irritant.

Living with a stuffy head and a wheezy short of breath is not fun.  Yes, an air filter will make your home a much better place to live in, especially if you have some hairy pets.

This is not a cure for asthma or allergies. Unfortunately, that stuff is not curable, only manageable.

My pets are my family, with the filter’s helping clean the air we are living much better now.

I take fewer allergy pills and use my inhaler way less.

Do UV air purifiers work?

Some units will come with the UV light option.  It’s not just a cool ambient light that emits from the corner of the room; it has a great purpose.

It can kill germs, mold, mildew, and bacteria.

What the UV light does to those above is it attacks the nucleic acids in the tiny cells, therefore disrupting the DNA and either killing it or rendering it non-functional.

How it works with your air purifier is, as it draws air through its filters, it also draws through a separate chamber in the unit that is blasting the UV light.

UV-C light is not harmful to you, and it’s another line of defense for those who are more susceptible to upper respiratory infections.

What size air purifier do you need?

Depending on the size of the room using square footage you can get a unit that will work for that room.

Now let’s say your living room is 250 square feet, then you can look into the medium sized unit.

air purifier room size

How long does it take to purify a room?

Depending on the size of the room and the “job,” anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.  You will start to notice the air feeling a difference in a good way.

Even if its the dirtiest of houses with gobs of dog hair, you will start to notice.

They do a great job; I highly recommend you invest in one today.


When it comes to your health and happiness, the best air purifier for pet allergies and asthma will make your life ten times better.  Because we love our pets so much, but the allergies are just too much, please consider an air purifier for you and your pets.

You can start small, for your bedroom or go big and have one in your living room.  There are several different sizes to look at based on the square foot of the room.  When you look at the box, it will tell you precisely which size room it will purify.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions.  Thanks for stopping by,


Flowbee Review – 5 Reasons It Does Not Suck As It Cuts

How I started cutting my hair is an exciting story, but I will save it for another day.  Today is all about the flowbee review, and why I will never have someone else cut my hair.

I remember back to 1992 when the movie Waynes World came out.  There was a scene in the film about flowbee sponsoring their TV show.  Their tagline was, “it sucks as it cuts” and Wayne looks into the camera and says, “it certainly does suck,” followed by their stoner chuckle.

Not a flattering moment for the company, but a great laugh for the movie.

Why does that matter to me almost 30 years later?

Because I cut my hair now

flowbee reviewI save so much money since I started doing it ten years ago.  You can read all about that over here.

But aside from the money I save, I am doing this on my own.  I just don’t like the idea I have to go to a cost-cutter and get a haircut two times a month.

I also don’t like strangers talking to me while performing a subpar haircut.  I figure my hairstyle is relatively simple enough that I can do exactly what they are doing.

After about eight years of cutting my hair a certain way, I realized it was simple, and I needed something to maintain that.

I was recommended the Flowbee Haircutting System

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

I chuckled when my buddy told me to look into trying.  Then he pointed to his head and asked if I could tell that he had cut his hair using the flowbee equipment?

I was in shock, because I didn’t think my friend was skilled enough even to attempt cutting his hair, but also, that it was cut with the flow.

He offered to let me take it home and give it a try.  With a few instructions from him and a couple of youtube videos, I got enough courage to give it a shot.

I always think that this is not reversible, a worst-case scenario would be, I just cut shorter to compensate for the mistake.

My Flowbee Review

Before testing this out, the old way I cut my hair was with clippers and scissors.   I would wet my hair down and trim the sides and then the tricky part was getting an even cut on top.

My first thought when using the flowbee was, cutting the top was a breeze.  Everything was even and trimmed.  I have thick hair, and one of the complaints I had before this was getting an even thinned out cut.

flowbee reviewsThe kit comes with different cutting length spacers to use, from 1/2 up to 6″.  I choose to go with 2 inches on top, and then I used a 1-inch spacer on the side and then I used the 1/2 inch to get a layered cut.

All those sizes worked great, but to clean up, I had to use my clippers to go trim my sideburns and the back of my head.

I’m a little pickier about my sideburns and back of my head hairline.

It’s a simple system with minimal cleanup on yourself, counter and floor.  The nice thing is, those tiny prickly hairs no longer exist because the vacuum sucks up every bit of it.


  • This will give you the same perfect haircut every time you use it.
  • It pays for its self over in just a few months.
  • There is no cleanup


  • It is loud because it attaches to your vacuum
  • Doesn’t trim sideburns
  • Blades will need to be changed over time


How Does The Flowbee Work?

The system design is simple.  You will need a standard vacuum where you can detach and add the flowbee hose to it.

The hose is attached to the clipper; you will need a plugin for that.

Pick which spacer you want to start with, fire up the hose and turn on the clippers.  The suction will draw the hair up to the Clippers and cut and then suck the cut hair through the tube.

The spacer will only allow that size, so anything that is any longer is cut.  This gives you an even cut for your whole head.

Will I Ever Go Back To A BarberShop?

After 10 or more years of DIY haircutting, I will never go back to a barber or salon.

If you don’t enjoy going through the process of the dreaded haircut, or paying an extra $400-500 a year, invest in the flowbee haircutting system.

Let’s not forget one of my favorite reasons why I love this, no cleanup!

Can Men Wear Thongs?  (My Surprising Response) 4

Can Men Wear Thongs? (My Surprising Response)

Can men wear thongs?  Your first thought might be this is weird or perverted, and that is normal.  You also might just be curious, because you think you might have seen a dude at the gym and his whale tail was showing in the back?  And you’re thinking, did I just see what I think I saw?

The answer is yes, they can and do.  No longer do we live in a one underwear society, where they make tighty-whities in 6 different sizes.  The world is evolving and so is fashion and comfort.

It’s important to stress that this is not telling you to wear ladies underwear, they do make specific for male-only thongs.

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Please keep reading for further information.

Let me tell why some men wear them

First of all, we need to get the image out of your head that immediately associates them with girls.  However, we need to think about why they wear them, and no sorry, it’s not for us, not in most cases.

There certainly is an occasion that requires ladies to wear thongs.   Ask them and they will tell you that it is unflattering to have your underwear lines in your pants or dress outlined for the world to see.

The same goes for us dudes, nothing dorkier than showing what you’re hiding underneath.

But in all seriousness, they are great for working out in the gym or out running.  They are designed for maximum comfort, let’s go over some of those attributes.

Designed for comfort and support

Ultimately, these support the bits needing support.  Using soft breathable cotton, you will stay dry.

Briefs start out holding your stuff secure in place but eventually lose that and then it’s just uncomfortable and you wonder why you even bothered putting underwear on.  We like them because of there design, will hold in place all day.

And like I had mentioned above, working out is kind of the point, the comfort, finally!

10 Good Reasons To Wear Thongs

  1. Discreet – while that goes for all underwear, at first you’ll be paranoid to wear one.  But, unless you decided to show off your new undies, no one will know.
  2. The Support – Designed to hold your junk and not lose that over time
  3. Comfort – Soft cotton, you’re going to wonder why you haven’t been wearing these until now.
  4. Workout – Wear these in the gym or out for a run.
  5. No Stink –  Holds in place all day, no rub, less sweat, less smell.
  6. Cost – While these cost a few more dollars than briefs, they are worth every penny.
  7. Shop Online – You can shop online, no need to have some teenagers judge you.
  8. Extra Bulge – That’s right, with the support all day long, thongs keep your wiener in a nice pouch, that gives off a nice bulge.
  9. Colors – Choose many varieties of colors, one for everybody.
  10. SEXY – There I said it, chicks think dudes look sexy wearing them.

Men’s Workout Thongs Are Totally Legit

If there is ever a more practical reason for dudes to wear a thong, it’s in the gym.  The material used is breathable standard cotton.  Holding your junk tight.  No more swinging and getting in the way.

What does it feel like?  It takes some getting used to, it doesn’t feel like a foreign object in your crack.  What I liked most about this is, everything is contained and secure.

If you’re working out, then surely you are going to be sweating.  However, this will help, no more extra skin rubbing against each-other which does create more sweat.

And let’s be honest, who the heck is going to know if you are wearing a thong?  Do it to keep your extra body parts contained.  This will help your cardio game big time.

Final thoughts

I hope you read through this quick article and have the answers you were looking for.  I generally talk mostly about hair products here, but this article had to be written!

My hope is, you have it some thought and you might’ve decided to give them a try.

As someone who does CrossFit 5 nights a week, I can tell you that comfort is key.  Especially when doing box jumps, if you know what I mean.


Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash Haircut: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, young males had to have the standard innocent haircut, anything else and people might think you’re dangerous.  The type I’m talking about is the greaser guy with the cool haircut, like James Dean in rebel without a cause.

Johnny Cash Haircut
Johnny Cash Hair

Fast forward several years and it has now become so iconic we call it the Johnny Cash haircut.

But before Cash, another well-known icon was securing their place in history who also had amazing hair.  That person was Elvis Presley, and legend has it, Presley, taught Johnny how to style and cut his hair.

What do you call the Johnny Cash haircut?

Today we call it the pompadour.  Pomade is used to grease it back and keep it in place throughout the day.  Occasionally combing back into place as needed.

Johnny kept this haircut his entire life, although some decades were more of the big hair years like the 1970’s and 1980’s, he never was swayed to try anything else.

But was Cash’s hair as iconic as him, the legend, the slow drawing, whiskey-fueled country singer?  In my opinion, his hair was great, but it really doesn’t play a roll in how I imagine him.

And in fairness, Johnny was classy, he did not ever overdo it with his hair.  He wore it well and that’s what we all appreciate about the man in black.

This is what Johnny Cash used to style his hair

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Like Elvis, in the late 50’s there was only a couple of options to use for your hair.  Pomade was the way to go, Dapper Dan, Dixie Peach Lovers Moon, Royal Crown, and even Vasoline.

Check out our article about Elvis and his Hair.

Can hairspray or gel work?  My answer to that is no, and here is why.  Those products are like glue, and their job is to keep your hair in place.  Depending on how much gel or spray you use, the harder it becomes.

Johnny Cash Hair MessUsing products like pomade, you have that natural slicked back hair that does have the freedom to come undone, but also snap back into place.

I’m sure you’ve seen Cash’s hair become a total wreck in some of those iconic 1960’s concert photos.  What you don’t see, is him taking a comb out of his back pocket and resetting his hair.  It was that easy!

He was the total package

Aside from his stylish hair, he wore his legendary black suit.  Stone-faced, deep baritone voice and guitar.  This is what makes the man in black.

He sang about his somber style and answered the questions many had back then.  Why do you only wear black?  June Carter once said to Johnny, you look like you are going to a funeral, and he replied, maybe I am.

He wore black as a statement and protest for those less fortunate.  His philosophy could have several meanings, but my interpretation is this is his rebel fight with those without a voice.

Style your hair like Cash

It is fairly easy to achieve.  You’re going to first make sure you have the right haircut.  That is short on the side and a good length on top.

Pick up a tin of pomade.

You can read our best pomade for men guide here.

If you’re a first time user of pomade, it’s simple.  Use just a dab in your hand, and while your hair is still damp rub both of your hands through your head evenly, like you are shampooing.

Using a comb, start from the front and work it to the back.  Once you have that, you can start to give the front some volume, use a hairdryer to finalize the hold.

And there you have it!


How To Use Murray's Pomade And Bonus Review 5

How To Use Murray’s Pomade And Bonus Review

Being a vintage collector and person who loves pomade, I wanted to try some of the classics.  My first exploration starts with Murray’s.  I found it at the drug store for super cheap.  After reading this how to use Murray’s pomade, you may want to try it yourself.

How To Use Murray's PomadeWhile doing some research on this, I came across this article in Men’s Health magazine.  That was a pleasant surprise, being that my first impression of this product wasn’t that great.

For a big-name magazine to put out an article of their favorite grooming products of the year and mention Murray’s, kind of changed my first initial opinion.  Let me explain more.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”none” identifier=”B00V6WAFCO” locale=”US” tag=”hairyfoo-20″]

A little Murray History

Let’s go back to 1926 when this product was born.  Now I would assume they had limited ingredients and that is why this has only three!  Petrolatum, Mineral Oil and Fragrance (perfume).

We are talking about some heavy-duty oil and you will notice that once you pop to top.  By the way, keep some grease cutter soap handy, just to clean up.

This stuff can really hold up to my thick hair, I’m talking strong.  If you rock the pompadour style, I would highly recommend this, with just a small bit of advice.  I talked about it being a bit heavy on the oil, so take that into consideration.

Think about washing it out of your hair before going to bed.  You would defiantly have an oil spot on your pillow in the morning.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00V6WAFCO” locale=”US” tag=”hairyfoo-20″] Murray’s Superior Pomade [/easyazon_link] for further reviews.

Not So Easy To Use

Here is the deal, this tin of pomade is an average price of $2.50.  It’s cheap, its good but it does have it’s downfalls.  One of them being, it’s not so easy to work with.

When I tried it, it was hard, it was sticky.  Trying to put it in my hair took some practice.  When I did get it to evenly go through my hair, I had to use a blow dryer to get it to work into place.  Ok, so it’s a bit more steps than my usual products.

How Does It Smell?

My first impression of the scent wasn’t good.  It is a like a musky oil smell with a hint of vanilla.  Strangely addictive after the first time using it.  To be honest, it isn’t my favorite smell in the world, but it is timeless and does have its classic appeal.

Shine Or No Shine?

The pomade was thick, it is oily so I figured it would leave a dull shine in my head.  But actually, it had a lot of shine, nothing too over the top.  Being an oil base, it doesn’t dry out, so I noticed the shine lasted for a really long time.

Cheapest Pomade On The Market

After reading my review, would you be surprised if I told you the cost is about $2 for a 3oz jar?  Well, it is, and you get almost twice as much as you would a jar of any new product.

This is s simple 3 ingredient pomade that has been around since 1925.  You really can’t beat the reputation or the cost.

Check out some of our best pomade here!


What Is A Quiff Hairstyle? These 5 Celebrties Have Them 6

What Is A Quiff Hairstyle? These 5 Celebrties Have Them

Sitting here in the barbershop I’m going through magazines trying to figure out what my next hairstyle should be.  And then I read the words on the page, what is a quiff hairstyle?

I come across the page with a man with short style hair on the sides but on top a sort of messy but cool hair that is up.  I noticed page after page that this hairstyle is kind of popular and it’s done in many ways.

So I asked the stylist about these magazines and the new haircuts I see In the pictures. She replies with “oh that’s called a quiff”.

What is a quiff hairstyle?

what is a quiff hairstyle

A quiff hairstyle is short on the sides with longer hair on top that has volume.  Most often the quiff hairstyle is combed off to the side.

A quiff is similar to a pompadour style, but the quiff is less restrained because you won’t need products like pomade to grease it down.  I would describe quiff as a sort of rock star look that has the attitude and functionality for everyday use.

The quiff style has more hair on top focused on the front of the head with short somewhat groomed nicely on the sides.

Using products like hair clay, you can add the volume needed to texture and style up the front and back in an organized messy way.

How to quiff your hair?

Depending on your hairs and the type of quiff you’re going for, there are certain ways you can do this but here are the basic.

The most important part is you get your haircut done right first. What that means is short on the sides and a decent length on top. As I said above I just discovered this and I wanted to figure out how to do it right so I’m explaining how my stylist cut it for me after just showing her a picture from the magazine.

If you have the proper haircut you are mostly all set, in fact, it will take less than five minutes to do.

After your shower dry your hair off using a towel but don’t dry completely. Now with your hair, damp you can have some product.  My personal favorite is here clay and since I have thick hair if this works out really well.

So what you gonna do is take a dab of the hair clay and rub it in your hands and then rub it through your hair thoroughly.  Using a comb start the slick it back.  No depending on the quiff you might want to grab a hairdryer and fluff it up to get as much value as you can.

For me I like to go with the messy quiff it’s textured it’s got volume and it also looks cool.

Celebrities with quiffs

Being a very popular hairstyle you’ve likely seen many celebrities wearing it.  Below are some of my favorites.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Quiff
The angry quiff

Here is Gordon Ramsay, Hells kitchen host, and one badass chef.  He’s rocking the angry quiff, I just gave that title to him.  He always seems pissed off, but it does look good on him.

David Beckham

david beckham quiff
David Beckham, sexy quiff

This is another great example, David Beckham has a great quiff and not much else to say about it.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon Lazy quiff
Jimmy Fallon Lazy quiff

Jimmy Fallon, I have dubbed the easy lazy quiff.  Why, because take a look, his quiff took about 2 minutes to do but still looks great!

It is such a cool way to style your hair

So as you see we just discovered what is a quiff hairstyle.

And to be honest it’s my new favorite, I used to have the Pompadour but I was tired of using pomade and greasing my hair down, and then having to wash it out late at night so that it doesn’t ruin my pillows.

What kind of products do you need for a quiff?

To style your hair properly you will need some sort of holding product. Here are a few types you can use.

Some people use a hair mouse as a base to begin, I don’t find it necessary but I think you could experiment and if it works for you great!  After the mouse, they usually add one of the above to style.

I don’t recommend using any kind of gel because those tend to harden and leave chunks of hair locked in a crispy non-attractive hold.  You will not be able to quiff with gel!

You can buy those products just about anywhere, Target, Wal-Mart, salons, etc.  I have found some of the best products for cheap online, of course.  But if you’re in a pinch, check out any big box store.


I hope my experience has helped you understand just what a quiff hairstyle is.  Honestly, it is not the best name for a hairdo, the British come up with some funny stuff.

Check out youtube for some videos to help show you how to style it, whether your hair is long, curly or short!

The 5 Best Hair Clay For Thick Hair You Need To be Using 7

The 5 Best Hair Clay For Thick Hair You Need To be Using

If you have thick hair and you are trying to style it but aren’t sure what to use, this article is for you!  My hair is crazy so and I’ve been testing out the best hair clay for thick hair to see if that helps.

best hair clay for thick hairI first started trying to tame my hair when I was younger, using hairspray and then on to gel, which I used for 15 years.

Sometimes I used both, depending on the humidity.

Then I was happy to discover a much better product for my hair, it is called pomade.

Pomade is nice, but for thick hair, I have better luck using hair clay.

The 5  Best Hair Clay For Thick Hair

Over the past year, I was able to give a few of these clay’s a try and a few others that weren’t worth mentioning.  Here is what I use and recommend giving one of them a try.

1. Baxter Of California Clay Pomade

You read that correctly, it does say clay pomade, so what exactly is it?  I suppose it could be considered a hybrid by combining the two styles.

baxter clay pomade reviewBut what I noticed and liked was the hold of the clay and the matte finish of the pomade.

Applying this product was a bit challenging likely due to the second ingredient being beeswax.

It takes time combing it through and evenly distributing your entire head of hair.

I was able to get a nice style and tested the hold, happily, it stays in place nicely.

Another pro is it really can last all day, never having to reapply and other than a comb through you should be set for the day.

The container is a nice sophisticated glass jar, which does make this product appear to be a super high end, but averages around $20.

The smell is good, earthy and organic, sort of smells of licorice.

Overall, this is a very good product, and a nice introduction to the world of clay if you are already used to using pomades.

Buy, Baxter of California Clay Pomade

2. Smooth Viking Clay

As a runner-up to Baxter is smooth Viking clay.  After using it, I was trying to think of a way to describe this product.  It is very dense yet still very creamy, so it hit me.

smooth viking clayLook at the name of this product, and there is your exact description.

Smooth, as you would think it should be it is, but yet the Viking as tough and strong.

My first impression was it has the texture of playdoh, and how the heck would this get evenly dispersed into my thick hair?

As I discovered, once you start to work with it, the “smooth” shows up and I was able to work it in just fine.

The hold is very strong, especially with thick hair.

But it’s not like super strong, it won’t hold a mohawk up, but slicked back or side part is perfect for this product.

The smell is pleasant and not too strong.  A bottle of this would last around 2 months if using daily.  Viking clay is very easy to wash out with a shower and some shampoo.

This happens to be the best seller on

Buy, Viking Hair Clay

3. Layrite Cement Clay

You have probably heard of Layrite before, whether it was for pomade or clay, they are a recognized brand in the hairstyle industry.

layrite cement clayWhat’s different about this brand vs. others is the size of the jar.

A typical jar is around 2 oz, but laterite is 4.5 oz, so right there you are saving money, which I like!

Opening the jar you are hit with the nice creamy white color and vanilla smell.

Using this product, like other clays you need to work with it a bit to apply it evenly through your hair.

Here is a tip I learned, do not use this when your hair is wet, only when damp or dry.  The results will be better.

You’re going to notice how white Layrite clay is, but don’t worry it applies clear.

Layrite clay is super strong, probably the strongest in the clay category.  Working it into your hair does require some work, but not much.

Take a dab using your finger and work it using both hands, once it’s warmed up you can add it to your hair.

Now, this is going to take a little more time but it’s worth it if you are looking for a stronghold.

Once I evenly had this in my hair, I was able to work the comb through it to get a nice sharp hairstyle.

I like to use this on my thick hair, especially when it is humid outside.

Here is a little tip, start small and work your way up if needed, but keep in mind the more you use the more your hair is going to look greasy and shiny.

Buy, Layrite Cement Clay

4. Anchors Courage Vegan Hair Clay

Climbing up the charts is this all-natural “vegan” hair clay.  This is a great product being made by homebrewers who happen to also be veterans!

anchor vegan pomadeBefore we get into this hair clay, let me explain what they mean when they say this is vegan.

As you know, a vegan is someone who doesn’t eat anything that has any animal byproduct.

Of course, you aren’t going to eat this hair clay, but it is important to the company and it’s clients that they let you know that this does not contain any animal by-products such as beeswax and it was not tested on animals.

This is an all-natural vegan hair clay.

Let’s dig in and see how Anchors stacks up against the others.

You get a 4oz clear jar and metallic lid, its the classic design that most homebrewers like to use.

A bonus to it being clear is you can see the product, which is a pale green color, that has a nice contrast to the writing on the jar.

But also, you will always be able to know how much you have without opening.

Another highlight of this jar is that it has a powerful message, the definition of courage.

Along with a box below it that says “starting today, I will build the courage to:” and this is where you can fill in the blank.  I really love this.

The scent according to Anchor is it is of sweet tobacco cedar.  My thoughts are it is pretty accurate, it is a very earthy aroma that smells better than a lot of these cologne scented pomades do.

Scooping this out was actually very easy.  It has a consistency that is creamy and smooth, and you can feel it is ready to work into your hair without much extra effort.

Once I put this in my hair, you could feel it react almost instantly.  This had a slight tug and pull to my hair, I found that odd since this was lite and creamier than the other products.

This was minimal and with thick hair, you can expect that to happen.

The hold was extremely strong, very low shine and it has a nice matte finish.

Overall, this is on heavy rotation in my styling arsenal.  I recommend this to my friends with thick hair, this is truly a great independent company!

Buy, Anchors Hair Company Courage Vegan Hair Clay

5. American Crew Molding Clay

The company was started in 1994 by David Raccuglia.  David sensed a revolution happening with men and their hair, so he started American Crew and as of today, it is the most popular men’s grooming brand.

american crew elvis clayHowever, because the American crew is so well known, I was a bit rebellious toward trying them out.

To be honest it was when they release the container of pomade that had Elvis on it is when I picked it up to finally try it out.

What I liked about the American crew clay is that its a low hold compared to the others.  Thick hair doesn’t always need to be put in a headlock.

I use this more for styling, it gives a nice soft feel with a little shine.

The smell is pretty decent, a minty tea tree scent comes to mind.

I have noticed some reviewers say it is too much shine, and that sometimes comes off as greasy, especially if it’s not a stronghold.

But overall, I would recommend this for thick hair if you want to style and not mold.

I used just a dime-sized dab and worked it in both hands before applying.  With damp hair, I run my hands through and comb into place.  That seems to work as I said, this is not a stronghold, so your hair will move.

As far as the cost goes, this is a salon-style product with a big brand name, so it’s probably $5 more than any of the others listed, around $15-20 depending on where you get it.

These are currently our top favorite hair clay’s.

Buy, American Crew Molding Clay

Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that we answer for you.

How much hair clay should you use?

The amount you should be using depends on a couple factors, how thick is your hair, is it humid out, did you apply when your hair was dry or wet?

how much clay should you use

The proper amount is usually a dime-sized portion, using your finger to scoop around the sides with one finger.

Rub with both hands to warm up the clay, and with damp hair, you can start to apply it.

If you think that wasn’t enough, go for a second scoop, but maybe half

the size of the first one.

Adding too much can make your hair greasy and it just won’t work like it is designed, so proceed with caution.

How long does hair clay last?

These can really last all day, but there are some like the American crew that won’t last 4 hours.

My suggestion is you look for the ones that say stronghold if you want it to make it all day.  But maybe you are getting ready for a dinner date and it’s 5 O’clock and this really needs to hold for a few hours, go for the low hold.

This leads to the next question about getting it out, or what happens if you leave it in all night.

How to wash hair clay out?

Some think the name “clay” means its a thick dirt you put in your hair, but it more applies to the styling.

However, it is a product that you will want to clean out eventually.  I typically don’t wash it out at night, because it’s not oily.

Your standard good shampoo with a shower the next day is fine.  It washes out easily, and you wouldn’t even know you had any in.

Is hair clay bad for you?

Clay is a great product to use, it holds very well for a long time, but doesn’t have a heavy presence after use.

My experience tells me, it is not bad for you to use.  I think for people with thin hair, they should probably use a different kind, like pomade.

The reason being, sometimes when applying it will pull some strands of hair out.  If you do that every day, that wouldn’t be a good thing.

For thick hair, this isn’t a problem, but also if you are pulling out hair when applying, try and be gentle and not to rush.


I can’t express how much we love clay, even more so than pomade.  That’s because the hold and texture without the shine are perfect for us people with thick hair.

A hold that lasts all day, but also has the freedom to move so it seems natural.

The five we listed above are the ones we consider the very best in the industry.  A highlight to Anchor Courage for being independent and vegan. It’s a great natural product that is great for males and females.

We’d love to hear from you, which one do you prefer to use?  Is there one we didn’t list, give us a comment and let us know!

Thanks for stopping by to read this article and support!

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Harry's Shave Club Review (You Have To See The Hidden Blade!) 8

Harry’s Shave Club Review (You Have To See The Hidden Blade!)

Shave clubs have rapidly become famous, and that is likely because a four-pack of razors can cost up to $20 and only last two weeks.  I have tried them all and stuck to one for the previous three years, below you can read all about my Harry’s shave club review.

HARRY'S SHAVE CLUB REVIEWI have a subscription to Harry’s shave club, but before then I was a member of Dollar shave club.

Before I explain my switch, let me tell you how fantastic belonging to a razor club is.

You pay a small fee, and each month they send you fresh supplies, shaving cream, razors, and aftershave.

Harry’s vs. Dollar shave club

Having been a customer of both clubs, I am now a member of just Harry’s.  And here is my reasons why I.

I first discovered Dollar shave club while listening to Howard Stern’s talk show in the car.

These guys were funny, and the idea of paying just one dollar to join this was amazing.

I did some research and found there sales video; I was hooked, these guys were funny!

I got my first order within a week and was excited to give it a try.  These weren’t bad, and to be honest, they seemed just as good as the twenty-dollar 4-pack from the store.

Once you are subscribed, they will automatically send you a new box of razors every month.

I got my second order and was pumped, and I hadn’t even gone through all the razors from the first round.  That was a pretty pleasant surprise.

The Reason I switched to Harry’s Razors

After being a member of DSC, I had begun to notice consistent razor burn.  At that time I wasn’t willing to join another subscription.

However, I noticed Target had started to carry Harry’s brand.  That day, I picked up a cheap starter package and gave them a shot.

First off, I liked how much lighter Harry’s handle as compared to Dollar shave club.  Second, I loved the shaving cream that came with.  Nice and smooth, you don’t need a whole lot to shave your face.

The shave was nice and clean.  I don’t know much about how each razor makes a thinner and thinner cut.  But for my liking, this felt like an excellent smooth cut.

Which Has Better Razors Harry’s vs. Dollar shave club?

After using both separately for two years each, I can honestly say, Harry’s has the best razor.

With DSC, I could feel the sharpness of the blades, but that didn’t mean they cut my facial hair that great.  To back this up, if my hair had grown long, I would pre-cut with an electric razor, then shave with the dollar razor.

Lots of red, pimple-like zits from the shave.  I don’t care for razor burn!

Harry’s Has A Secret Razor Blade!

HARRY'S SECRET RAZORBy accident, I discovered a hidden blade on the razor.

I had the handle in my hand, and I had an itch on my sideburns, and so I used it to scratch it, but it took a chunk of my hair out!

Luckily, I didn’t use it for anything else, otherwise, there might be some blood squirting.

I had to investigate and figure out why was it there?  Was it supposed to be?

As it turns out, yes, it does belong there, and it is brilliant for what it’s used for.

This tiny single blade can reach the spots where the hair grows, but a bulky razor might not get it.

I use it for getting the hair by our nose and around your lips.

It works so well, and I have never seen this on any other razor.

This might be the top feature I find in this; I love it!

How Much Do Harry’s Razors Cost?

Here is the deal, I pay $21.00 every two months.

This plan comes with a can of shaving gel and eight blades, and shipping is included in that cost.

To break that down per week, it cost me about $2.60 per week to use Harry’s Razors.

I was easily paying double that for some other big brand name I get at Target.

My Harry’s Shave Club Review

Since joining the club back in 2016, I have saved money, and my face has been razor burn free.

I love that this is recurring and I will get a new box every two months.  I do shave every day, so this is more than enough for me.

You can get more regular razors if you need, probably per month vs. every other month.  Overall, I highly recommend using Harry’s vs. Dollar Shave Club or Gillet.

Harry’s is an excellent quality product and service.  You will save and be happy with their service.


I have tried the two major contenders in the shaving club game, Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club.  Overall, I love them both, they have saved me money and made shaving enjoyable again.

But at this juncture, I have to recommend Harry’s Shave Club.  They are hands down winning the game, and their product is top-notch with a bonus blade added to get those pesky hairs that are usually hard to reach.