Old Spice Pomade Review

1 Swoon Worthy Old Spice Pomade Review

This is an old spice pomade review.  I have to be upfront with you and just tell you I was very hesitant about this product because I am not a fan of the smell of their aftershave.

That being said I was very happy and shocked that this, of course, did not smell of aftershave and also did the job of holding my thick hair in place.

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Old Spice Spiffy Pomade – what we liked

  • Provides medium hold and a matte finish
  • Tames and keeps your hair in place
  • The smell is decent, comparable to a bar of soap
  • Works well with thick hair



Opening the container I take a scoop I couldn’t help but think, this comes out nicely.  You know sometimes you get those really hard ones that you have to claw at, not this one.

Not greasy or sticky, it was actually very pleasant to scoop!



It is a creamy texture that applies well, but it did take a bit of time to comb through and put it into place.  It doesn’t break down all that well and maybe because of its cost point making it affordable and a bit cheaper for the consumer.


How does it hold?

I think what I look for in a pomade is if it will hold up to my thick hair, which totally has a mind of its own.  The big test as I wore it for a few hours was the hold.

For a few hours at least, it kept in place.  I do have wavy hair and it does come with colicky patches so this isn’t anything unusual.

What I did was just apply a little dab with an equivalent amount of conditioner.  All-in-all it held for a few hours.

I have heard this doesn’t hold up well for people with thinner hair, but I can’t speak for them.


Does old spice shine?

I personally don’t like a whole lot of shine and good thing this product is more of a matte finish, maybe a step up.  Which for me is a good thing, I would rate it as a medium shine and looks pretty good.

I think it really depends on how your hair is and what kind of shampoo conditioner you use, so I think this could either give you a low to medium shine.  Nothing above that for this stuff.


Does it Smell good?

For me and especially for this particular product, it needed to have a good smell to it.  It has a decent smell, a little like the aftershave which is ok.

But more of soapy smell that is light and not so over-powering.  <– Note, it is really strong in the jar and when you first put it on, but it seems to mellow when applied to your hair.


To Sum Up Our Old Spice Pomade Review

I want to be completely honest here.  The good thing about this product is that it is generally available at any Walgreens or Walmart store.  We all have a favorite pomade we use and sometimes we might forget to use it or leave at home during the holidays.

In a pinch, I would use this stuff for sure!  It applies well, it keeps a decent hold and has a nice matte finish with just touch of shine.  The smell is better than others and mellows out during the day.

Thank you for reading our old spice pomade review, we want to hear from you too.  Do you use it, have you or will?  If not, what do you recommend?

We have 100’s of products to try, we are looking forward to it!  Check out some of our best pomades here!


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