Goon Grease Hair Pomade Review

Goon Grease Review – Hair Pomade

You might get tired of hearing about this product, but if you don’t, it means you haven’t tried it yet! Lockhart’s Goon Grease has rapidly become one of the most exciting brands on the market and deservedly so.

I wanted to write a Goon Grease review to really convince you that this stuff is the best.


The Goon Grease Review

Lockhart's Hair Pomade Limited Edition Goon Grease, 4 Ounce by Lockhart's Authentic

The tin of this pomade is round and quite wide, holding 4 Oz. of product, pretty much the basic pomade tin.

What I like about it is that the side of the tin is covered with a sleeve made out of vinyl, which protects the packaging a lot. Those of you who ordered pomades online know what I’m talking about.

The design of the packaging is original and fun, focusing on the necessary information and the now-iconic name of the pomade.

The font of the name is toxic green and gooey looking, while the rest of the label has a clean look, black lettering against a cream background.


The look and feel

This product has a fun, unexpected color. You don’t get to see this color in pomades every day. They have really nailed it presentation-wise.

The smell is interesting because currently, they give you two choices in fragrance: the original lemony smell – Citrus Cologne, and a musky newer variant (Cinnamon Sandalwood).

I love how they thought of giving the client a chance to choose the type of perfume.

Often I love how a product behaves and performs, but the perfume really puts me off, and I have to give it away. With

Goon Grease, you can choose if you want a fresh, crisp scent or a musky, earthy one.

But the truly amazing thing about this pomade is the way it applies to your hair and how it holds.

This is a strong holding pomade, so you would expect it to be thick and difficult to blend in your hair.

Goon Grease has the texture of a medium-hold pomade, and it’s waxy, greasy, and almost like a balm when you heat it in your hands.


The Hold

Although it applies like a charm, this thing holds perfectly. Even on the second or third day, with a little build-up, you can enjoy that first layer of the product.

It re-styles wonderfully, `and it holds well without making the hair hard and crispy. It also has a wonderful amount of shine, making it perfect for your every day handsomeness!

I hope my Goon Grease review convinced you to try it.


Goon Grease is as heavy as it gets from Lockhart’s.

This authentic pomade will definitely keep your hair in place and will give you the classic, slicked back look that a lot of people who use these products are looking for.

It has great conditioning properties in addition to its powerful styling abilities, so your hair is very well protected during the day, and you don’t have to worry about not only sloppiness and flyaways, but you also don’t have to worry about damage from the environment as much as you would otherwise.

American Crew Pomade Review

American Crew Pomade Review – Is It a Winner?

To be honest, I was skeptical of this brand, it seemed to clean, a too high-end salon for me.  But after some research, I found some cool Elvis label that made me change my mind.  Here is the result, my American Crew Pomade review.

The AC brand was created to give men hair products that would bring men back into salons. When neighborhood barbers were replaced with salons geared toward women in the 80s and 90s, a lot of men stopped going to salons.



  • Natural ingredients provide a super stronghold
  • Great for any style hair, thick, thin, curly
  • Smells great, using natural scents.

American Crew pomade strives to help men with their style and feeling good about themselves.

This company is changing the men’s style game and is giving men the resources they need to look good and feel good.

This is already a good enough reason for me to use this product because I believe that this company serves a good purpose and is changing the perspective on men’s style.

It is a versatile water-based formula for hair. Perfect for styling short or long hair and gives medium hold while providing a high shine. Generally, it is a great alternative to use instead of styling gel if you want something that is a little less stiff.

Holds your hairstyle all day long and is super easy to work on your scalp. It smells amazing and comes out with just a little shampoo.

It is the perfect hair product!  Ok, now on to the American crew pomade review from


How to use American Crew pomade, step by step:

  1. It works best when the hair is a little damp because it is a water-based formula. If you towel dry it before you use the product, it should be perfect and it will give maximum hold.
  2. A little goes a long way. If you use too much product your hair will look like a greasy mess. Instead, start with small amounts and use more if you need it. Start with a teaspoon or so and then add more if necessary.
  3. The trick to using pomade is to massage it into your hair like shampoo. This way you will get all of your hair covered and it will look more even and natural.
  4. Style your hair however you want! The possibilities are endless with American Crew Pomade and you can create tons of different types of hairstyles with it. It should hold all day!

This product is honestly incredible. Whether you’re using it to shape a hairstyle or get rid of flyaways, it is perfect for whatever you need it for. It has a great consistency. It’s easy to use, not too sticky and washes out easily. It smells amazing and is great for everyday use.

I love that it keeps my hair soft and healthy-looking instead of stiff and flaky. It was in perfect condition when I received it and I use it all the time. I will definitely be buying more when it runs out!

American Crew Pomade with medium hold and high shine. Works well with curly hair and provides a modern, flexible alternative to styling gels. Use it to create the classic, slicked back looks or for control in any hair type.


American Crew Pomade Review Conclusion

I bought this at target because of the Elvis throwback cover it had on it.  I honestly walked away from this many times because it seemed too high-end salon style for me.  And to be honest, the price was kind of step.

However, I listed many attributes I liked in this American crew pomade review, hold, smell, shine.  All very important in deciding if this is good or not.

Overall, this is a great hair product for a sophisticated person.  I would recommend this for females and males.  Have you tried this, do you want to contribute to this American crew pomade review?   Give us an email, and let us know what you think.

Uppercut Pomade Review

Uppercut Pomade Review – Holds While You Sweat

This Uppercut pomade review is about a water-soluble product appropriate for a diverse range of designs. Its distinctive formula means it will wash out simply leaving no residue.

It is thick like a gel but don’t be fooled. Uppercut offers control and definition. Developed by barbers who know what will work.

Traditional is turning into an ability of the past, but we are bringing it back with a clean, masculine complete to that men can relate.

Inspired by the timeless style of the 1950’s barber search, uppercut barber provides is a trendy nevertheless ancient approach to male grooming.


Uppercut Pomade Review

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 3.5oz pros and cons are discussed below:


  • Keeps hair in place, a nice hold for active people
  • It is water-based, you can easily restyle if needed
  • Only need a little bit to style your hair, saves money!
  • Smells great
  • It washes out pretty easily


  • It is sticky and adds an extra step, getting off of hands when you’re done.
  • Active biker or jogger, dust might get caught in your hair, only experienced that once though.

I’ve used American Crew Fiber within the past, which was sensible to keep my hair in the shape I need it (I actually have swish hair so it’s arduous to shape it and keep it that means).

However, my hairstyle would not stay maintained if I exercised or rode my bike for a while. I wouldn’t expect it too unless it was an oil base.


I was wanting a product that maintained my hair

uppercut pomade reviewParticularly through sweat and water. I was pretty skeptical when I found Uppercut since I never heard of it before.

I ride a bike, therefore, I sweat a lot, but my hair keeps its form for the most part using this.

The product smells like something just like lite coconut mixed with vanilla.

And while I compared uppercut deluxe pomade vs others, I noticed there was a price difference of course. Mainly only a few bucks less than the bigger companies. So why was this?

I simply checked out some Youtube videos to see their uppercut pomade reviews and realized then I just ordered a tin.


The cool factor about Uppercut

You don’t want to use that a lot of, or at least I feel that I will use less of the product compared to when I was using American Crew Fiber. Conjointly, if your hair is misshapen at any moment, you’ll fix it with the product that’s already in your hair.

I felt that with American Crew Fiber, I had to redo the front with more products simply to stay my hair up.


When it comes to Uppercut Deluxe pomade

I usually go with the water-based ones. The first pomade I have tried years ago was a Brylcreem oil-based one I borrowed from my uncle’s cabinet. Many of you probably know that we’re talking about old-school, heavy stuff here.

uppercut pomade reviewMy application skills were close to zero and naturally, the process didn’t go well. I had trouble styling my hair, getting the product to do its job and then washing it off.

The whole experience was so off-putting that I stayed away from pomade a long time after this.

This lasted until I tried water-based, modern pomade. I have been using these for 2 years and I think I got pretty good at it. I know enough now to start writing reviews. I will begin with my favorite product so far, so I give you the Uppercut Pomade Review:



uppercut deluxe pomade review

Like other water-based formulas, this brown-reddish product has a semi-transparent, thick gel-like consistency. I would compare it to marmalade, but not as sticky.


Easiness of application

While it does take a bit of skill to distribute it evenly through your hair, you can work with it smoothly.

Being soluble in water, it allows you to adjust the styling using a wet comb.

You should move relatively fast and not let it dry completely, though.


Medium-strong hold

My hair doesn’t need a super-strong hold since it’s fine and straight. The problem with my type of hair is actually finding a product that doesn’t feel heavy.

Uppercut Deluxe holds my hair enough to look sharp, without feeling greasy or gooey. The finish is semi-matte and a little crisp, so the style will stay in place.



For me, the smell is a wonderful bonus. It reminds me of cookies baking, it has a subtle, warm sweetness that got a lot of compliments.

I actually have to let go of a lot of men’s products because they have incredibly strong smells, which I tend to avoid. Also, I have smelled petroleum-based pomade on other persons and it really lingers with you, not pleasantly so.

I hope you found my Uppercut Pomade Review useful.

While this pomade can force you to give up a few bucks extra, I believe it’s worth it. It does have a lot of buzz around it because it has a lot of pluses compared to others. I am definitely a loyal customer.

Layrite pomade Review

Layrite Pomade Review – Original, Styles Like Wax

You won’t find a better pomade that can even compare to this one.  We tried it, we loved it and you can read all about our Layrite pomade review, here!
Layrite Pomade Review - Original, Styles Like Wax 1
This thick super-rich pomade distributes evenly throughout your hair.  A little goes a long way.

Stays pliable for easy restyling and reactivated to a gel-like consistency with water. Control the amount of hold and shine by the amount of water you add while styling.

Important features

  •    Holds like wax and washes out like a gel
  •    Firm yet not stiff and flaky
  •    Smell has a light pleasant scent
  •    It gives a medium shine

Mild appealing vanilla fragrance. Works exceptionally well on both fine and extremely thick hair without flaking.

Layrite Classic Original

layrite pomade reviewIt is indeed true that with great hair, comes great responsibility. Pomade recently has since been considered a tasteful touch of class and tidiness.

It leaves you looking slick, shiny and nice. Pomade is a definite way to make sure that your hair stays in shape irrespective of how thick or dry it is.

Traditionally, oil-based pomade was the product to use because of its long-lasting hold. But soon people got discouraged because of its oily and greasy feel.  

Coupled with the fact that it requires a great amount of time and effort to rinse off.


How does water base work?

layrite pomade review

Eventually, water-based pomade came into play.

It offers as much shine and control for your hair and the additional ease of washing off with a single rinse.

With the recent water-based pomade out on a daily basis, it is difficult to make the best decision.

A decision that your hair will thank you for for the long haul.

We present to you layrite pomade review. This happens to be one of the best pomades available on the market today.

Lay-right seems to be the best description of this piece of art. It lays your hair just the right way you need it to be.


Layrite Pomade Review

Layrite Original Pomade is a firm hold, medium shine, water-soluble pomade that “holds like a wax, yet washes out like a gel.”

Create slicked-back styles, high pompadours, smart businessmen’s cuts, Mohawks, spikes, das, flat-tops, and extreme styles such as Mohawks.

Developed for use at the world-famous Hawleywood’s Barbershop.  They are famous for traditional, classic and retro styles.

Whatever your hairstyle is, with this stuff a little goes a long way.

Holds like a wax, yet washes out like a gel. For men serious about their hair, this rich dressing works great with both fine and thick hair.  


How to use

  • Scoop the desired quantity into your hands and rub gently between your palms until smooth.
  • Apply to your hair thoroughly. Then style as desired.
  • Add water as you style or apply to damp hair to achieve a slick wet look that firms up as it dries.
  • Apply to dry hair for a more natural style with less shine. Add more, a little at a time, for an even firmer hold.
  • Apply just a tiny bit into your dry hair and it will secure it in place throughout the day.
  • And without the brittle feel of a gel or hairspray.

Check out some of our best pomade here!

Layrite pomade review video

Buy, Layrite Original Pomade



Water, cetereth-25, PEG-7 Glyceryl cocate, propylene glycol, polysorbate-20, PEG-7 Hydrogenated castor oil, PEG-8 methicone, DMDM Hydantoin, Methylparaben, fragrance(parfum) Red 4 (CI 14700) Yellow 5 (CI 191140)

Admiral Classic Pomade Review

Admiral Pomade Review – Classic Hold

I’ve tried tons of pomade and it’s no wonder I easily find new ones that become my favorite.  I’m excited to talk about Admiral.  It’s the perfect amount of hold my hair needs, applies well and smells excellent. Full Admiral pomade review below.

admiral pomade reviewI often get asked to recommend the absolute best pomade to start with.

And while there are dozens to choose from, this is one I would tell you to start with.

Why? Because, you get a really dapper product, that comes in a classy glass container and aside from being an easy product to work with, it is a very reasonable price.


From gels to this

A lot of men are not sure what to start with, but they want to transition from gels to something more natural and classic.

The varieties can be split into two main categories: water-based products and oily products.

The former is more recommended for beginners and the latter may appeal to someone with an old-school style.

I decided to write this Admiral pomade review because it is a great transitioning product that has the qualities of both types of formulas.


Admiral pomade review

Admiral Classic Strong Hold Pomade is a 100% water-based, strong hold pomade with a subtle coconut scent. Developed over the course of 9-months, this product is perfect for classic styles like a Side-Part or Pompadour.

Unlike most water-based pomades, this product contains beeswax for a creamy application and a more natural hold. Great for all hair types.

Like most water-based pomade it tends to get hard after a while, this one not too bad thanks to the wax.



The Admiral Strong Hold Classic delivers the expected properties of a water-based formula: it has a translucent texture, it is easy to apply and re-style during the day and lets the scalp breathe.



Indeed, the addition of beeswax takes this product to another level, making it more creamy and creating that stronghold that some people want to achieve.

It is suitable for thicker or curly hair, as it covers the hairs evenly and dries into a stronger texture, but with a natural feel. It does not make the hair brittle and crispy, like gels or other similar products.



The coconut scent is subtle and easy to get used to when wearing it.  Smells like you are at the beach.

You can really feel you are using a natural product and this also translated into the final finish.



Water-soluble pomade tends to dry into a matte finish, but the Admiral doesn’t lose its shine. I believe it’s the beeswax in it that gives a great look, especially if you embrace the rockabilly style.



This is one of its advantages since you get 4 Oz. of product for a more than reasonable price. I order it from Amazon and it lasts me 4-5 months with regular use.

That was my admiral pomade review. Would I recommend it? Absolutely, it is versatile and suitable for more styles and hair types. It is a must-have, in my opinion.


Should you try it?

Absolutely, give it a try.  My favorite thing about this is how easy it goes in your hair.  I notice less hair in my hands when applying using this stuff.

After lots of use of other stronger pomades, they tend to really mess with you.  And that’s why its good to switch it up from time to time.  This stuff is good for daily use

The smell is good, not cologne, but a beachy coconut scent.

A great hold, even if your hair is stubborn like mine!

Shiner Gold Pomade Review

Shiner Gold Pomade Review – Time To Shine

I have recently come across a new one called Shiner Gold and wanted to share it with you.  Because it was recommended by friends and had good reviews, so I decided to try it out. You can read more about my Shiner Gold pomade review below.

shiner gold pomade reviewI have been a pomade user for most of my adult life.

My hair is quite thick and wavy and I like to keep it at a medium length, which often requires some styling and fixing.

Since I do not get well with aerosol sprays or mousse, the main hair product I use for styling is pomade

The interesting factor for me was that it is a water-based product and I wanted to experiment a little with that.


Shiner Gold Review

For someone who uses Suavectio very often, I was surprised at how smooth this stuff is.  I found the hold was very strong and last a full day.  Goes well for my wavy thick hair.

A very nice shine that also made it through the day, that’s a good thing for a water-subtle product.

Here is the part I am still not sure of, the smell.  Most people I asked who use this would agree, it has a fruity pina colada scent.

You may or may not be into that, but here is the good news.  That does seem to fade after an hour.  So you just have a nice smelling head.  Its no cologne, it is more of a tanning lotion smell.

With that said, this may be the best pomade at least a water-based on the market.

Check Price And Reviews At Amazon


Design of packaging and first impressions

It comes in a 4 Oz. silver tin box with a retro design, which I appreciate as it fits my style.

The pomade looks like honey, it has a rich color and a surprising smell. I am used to overly masculine, strong scents when it comes to pomade, so I was not expecting it to be a sweet, fruity smell.

It is not overpowering, which is why I like it.


Application is easy because of its lighter consistency

Compared to petroleum-based products, it applies easier and is not as sticky and greasy. This could be a fit product for the ones that haven’t tried similar styling pastes because it is easy to use and not so overwhelming.

To apply it, I just take a dime-sized amount on my fingers and rub it between my hands to warm it up.

When it becomes soft and more liquid I comb it evenly through my hair, using my fingers.

Then I use a comb to arrange it around my face or pull it back to keep it off my forehead. It is strong enough to keep your mane tame.


The hold is perfect for a more flexible look

It has a stronghold, although more flexible than the petroleum pomade. While I won’t give up my extra-strong products for more extravagant styling,

I will definitely keep it for the rest of the occasions.

It held my hair back, gave a nice shine, and was still holding nicely at the end of the day. The water-based formula is super easy to wash off and it gave me the feeling that my scalp breathes.


Would I recommend it? Yes.

In terms of price, it is more than reasonable. You get great value for money from it, so I would recommend it to anyone.

It won’t cover all your needs if you need it a very stronghold, but it is one of those products you can take with you when you travel or use it when you don’t want a big fuss in the morning.

Shiner gold pomade review. 

Fisticuffs Pomade Review

Fisticuffs Pomade Review “TUFF HOLD”

Fisticuffs pomade or also known as “TUFF HOLD” is a water-based product. It has a clean old-time barbershop scent and its light amber in color. This pomade is great for styling hard pants, psycho-billy Quiffs, Pompadours or just slicking your hair back.

We wanted to try something new, something that was more affordable than Suavecito or Layrite.

Our first impressions, this stuff is great, holds strong, smells awesome and it is workable.


Hairyfoo’s Review:

  • Fisticuffs “TUFF HOLD” Pomade is a water-based pomade
  • It has a clean old-time barbershop scent, like sandalwood.
  • It is great for styling
  • Strong “Tuff Hold”

Fisticuffs pomade is affordable. With $11 you can own a 4-ounce jar of fisticuffs pomade. Customers of this pomade testify of the product’s many benefits.

It has the ability to hold the hair in place throughout the day. For those with thick dry hair, fisticuffs is the pomade for you.

It keeps everything in place plus you do not need to worry about getting the product off your hair.

The reason for this is its water-based quality. With one rinse everything comes off compared to oil-based pomades.

The fisticuffs “TUFF HOLD” Pomade is claimed by many to be stronger than Layrite super hold. Although it is regarded as a cheaper alternative to other products, it is of higher quality.

This product doesn’t melt away like others. You can fall asleep with it and still wake up with your hair still in place.

With fisticuffs, you get the best hold, workability, great scent and value for your money. Trust us, you can’t go wrong with this product.


How much is a jar of Fisticuffs Pomade?

Fisticuffs Pomade

Fisticuffs is a water-based Pomade that has a clean old-time barbershop scent and is light amber in color. With a super-strong hold that will last hours.


Why should you use pomade?

Although pomade is an old school staple near-forgotten, it is making a comeback in recent times. Thanks to young barbers that value the pomade for its unique combination of hold and finish. And the fact that it gives hair the pliability of wax and the wet look of a gel.

In times past, pomades were only oil-based. But because of its notorious harshness and difficulty to wash off, a stylist has since embraced the new trend in grooming, which is water-based pomades.

These pomades wash off with just one rinse and it still offers an excellent amount of control. So whether you’re going for a sleek side-part or a natural matte hair with a good touch of texture.

Water-based pomades are a great choice.  Every man aspires to look his best, and an essential part of that look is his hair.

Various hair products have been in existence for a long time now and pomade is one of many great choices out there. This is the fisticuffs pomade review, one of the recommended pomades in the market today.

Check out some of our best pomade here!



I first came across this stuff at my barbershop.  My barber put a dab in my hair that day, and I liked the smell and texture so much I bought a tub of it.  Today I bring you our Suavecito pomade review, a water-based product that is no doubt a bestseller among hair product users around the world.

Made in Santa Ana, California. Read the full review below.

My Review

Suavecito firme is a scented water-soluble hair pomade with a creamy consistency. It goes in with so much ease and provides a stronghold for styling flexibility. It’s light and scented, perfect for men and women alike.

It has a unisex scent that is clean and pleasant and looks good on all hair styles and types.
Suavecito firme is made for those that need a little extra control over their hair.

Important Features:
• It has a sweet scent with a creamy consistency.
• It is water-soluble
• It combs in with ease and provides a strong grip for most styling flexibility
• It dries with a hardness
• It has a moderate shine and washes out with water.

Suavecito has the strength of a gel and hairspray. It grips like a wax but washes out quite easily, hence the name Firme, meaning strong!  Want to see the original, keep reading our Suavecito pomade review


How to style:

Add a little water during styling for a wet look if preferred.
Customers with thick islander hair swear by this product. This is because it keeps their thick hair looking presentable all the time. And it seems to be the best thing that has happened to their hair.

One of the things that have got people talking about this pomade is the fact that it is very inexpensive. The price might even want to make you disregard what has been said. But a trial as they always say will convince you. With just $14, you get all the above-listed benefits of the product. Try Suavecito today and thank me later.


Suavecito Original Review

The Original is a bit stronger, and I want to point out that based on the reviews and comments we’ve received, it sounds like this is a product for the complicated hair.  Long, thick, curly.  The kind that needs gel and hairspray to keep in place.  This is neither of those.

What we have is the Suavecito original pomade.  You’re going first to notice a nice cologne smell when you take the lid off, it will make you say wow!

The next thing that really caught my attention was the texture and how pliable it was to my hair.  I put a dime size portion in my hand and rubbed my hands together and then ran through my hair.

My head was slightly damp, and the dime-size was enough for my 5-inch undercut.

After parting and styling I gave it a good hour or two to see the hold.  I have to say I was impressed and think this is no doubt a stronghold.  And that is why I like it, my hair does what it wants.  Not when the original is in it!


Who/What is Suavecito?

It is a styling product used for centuries now. It is used to make hair look slick, shining, and neat. Its waxy and greasy substance is a beautiful alternative to other hair products such as gel, hairspray, wax, or styling mousse.

This is because it makes you have more control over your hair all day. A lot of people wonder the difference between this hair product others. The major difference is that a pomade provides the hair with a shiny appearance that doesn’t dry the hair.

This style hair product was quite favorable in the 20th century. With sleek hairstyles of famous actors and musicians such as Elvis Presley. And for a while, it seemed to have faded out, but recently it is becoming more popular than before.

This is due to some hairstyles like the ducktail, pompadour, quiff, and undercut which are often sought after nowadays.



Thanks for taking the time to read our review.  We hope it has helped you.

This stuff is strong, and if you’re used to hair gel or hair spray but are tired of them, this is where it’s a now.  You get a product that will last all day, it smells nice, and it has a great shine.  You can’t get that with those other products.  What you do get is a great hairstyle that smells even better.

I think it’s time to ditch the old stuff and give this strong product a try.

Woody’s Pomade Review

Woody’s Pomade Review – The only hair wax you need

This is one of my personal favorites by far.  For me, I have natural hair which makes it pretty easy to work with and doesn’t require too much product.  Read our Woody’s Pomade Review below.

And that’s what I appreciate about Woody’s.  It gives a low shine and a stronghold that does “lock” your hair into place, but does stay in that general area.  Just a subtle wax-like consistency.  Smells very nice too!

  • It contains awesome ingredients such as, Ginger Root, Hemp Seed Oil, Yucca Vera which is used for strengthening and fortifying hair.

My first impression of Woody’s pomade was the container and logo.  It’s a see-through glass jar,  you can see the color of the pomade which has a light cool green tone.  I

Then noticed the label which says “Woody’s” and it has an outline of a surfer and surfboard.  I assume it was named after the surfboard!

It gives you that California surfer vibe, which living in Minnesota is kind of nice.

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:


Consistency and Application

woody's pomade reviewThis is a water-based pomade that isn’t greasy but it does have a wax-like texture.  It’s easy to work in the hair, just a dime-sized dab on your hand and it’s pretty manageable.

I don’t mind the wax-like consistency.  It does help to have your hair be just a little wet yet.  Otherwise, I notice it is rough on your scalp and it will pull a few hairs out.  So, not totally wet, just a touch wet works the best for Woody’s.

It does say you can put in wet or dry on the container.  Naturally, we tested for our woody’s pomade review and found that because it is an oil base it does go in dry.

Also, after an hour or so, I re-style my hair with my comb and some water, and it had the same effect as water base.  It worked perfectly!


How is the Hold

For starters, I blended this with just a dab of water to make it work easier.  From there I worked it through my entire head of hair.  I took my pomade comb and started to sculpt my style for the day.  I combed it to the side for work, and it held nicely.

The overall hold is nice, it doesn’t feel greasy or stiff like a gel.  Woody’s pomade is great, just a little really goes a long way.

I had to re-comb/tighten it back up after a few hours, I did end up using another dab to get it back together.  So I think the hold is Ok but not strong enough for a whole day.  On the upside, it doesn’t leave you with that wet head look.  I think it’s an even trade-off.



From the Woody company, they said TONS of shine but its water subtle.  I think they are trying to push that it shines for a water base.  Which at first it does, but it’s a low one.

Others have said it’s an excellent shine.  Everyone’s hair is different and some do have a natural shine, it’s hard to say.  But my shine, was low using this product.



I would say this is a pretty decent quality pomade, and for the price, it feels like a higher-end salon-style product.

The actual smell is like the Baxter of California stuff, it has a citrus tree scent.  But it is a bit on the dull side.

However it doesn’t smell terrible like a musky old spice, I don’t mind the citrus smell.


Woody’s Pomade Review Conclusion

This is a super cool water-based pomade.  Just look at the container and tell me you don’t want to go sit by the beach and take in the sun and waves.

It’s easy to work with pomade, a bit sticky but with a dab of water, it will work its way into your hair nicely.  It gives off a nice citrus smell that isn’t overwhelming to your surrounding friends and co-workers.

A modern pomade for great hold with tons of flexibility.  Not just for males as it states on the container, I know lots of females that use this

Thanks for reading our woody’s pomade review, give it a try, it’s worth it.

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Baxter of California Hard Water Pomade Review

Baxter of California Hard Water Pomade Review

Does your hair need just a little extra help to get that super sweet hair-do?  Looking for a great water-based pomade? Then I think you might be happy with this one.  Read our Baxter of California hard water pomade review, and you will probably be trying this one next!

I have thick black hair and my colleague who also uses this product has thinner hair.  Both he and I love the hold the clay pomade gives as well as the nice matte finish.  Works amazing!

  • Light to medium Hold
  • Shine finish
  • Water-based (easy to rinse out)
  • Clean citrus scent
  • Works well with Thick or Thin hair

Baxter of California Pomade Review

For full review continue reading.  We are sure this pomade could be the one you end up using for a long time.



My first impression when opening the jar was the pomade was clear.  I guess I’m used to all sorts of colors that blend into your hair.  But, I think it makes sense to have a clear application.  There is a tint of blue in there, so not exactly clear.

Being water-based it does feel creamy and lite.  Unlike a clay finish which is thicker, this is so smooth and scoops out super easy.



As easy as it was to scoop it out of the container it is just as easy to apply to your hands and rub through your hair.

That’s because of it’s rather a wet feel almost a super moist cream.  Imagine how easy that is to work.  I think on the downside, I could probably go through more of this because of that.  But I’m okay with it.

I didn’t have any problems with applying it.  It didn’t leave my hands greasy afterward, which is sometimes a pain when applying pomade.



Here is where Baxter soft water pomade surprised me, for a light to medium hold, this stuff has the strength to go a full day.  From start to finish is sort of Baxter’s business model.

Although if you need some stronger stuff, you need to check the Hard Water.



It seems the shine is short-lived and that is the case for many of the water-based pomade we use.  On the positive, you may have less of shine, but you also have no grease.  And being a water based, it washes out pretty quickly.



Unlike other pomades, this has a different smell.  It has a bit of light citrus tone to it.  Which I think is nice a different.  Some fragrances can be just a little too much; I like this California brand that brings a bit of its southern freshness and adds it to the product.

Lots of love for the scent.



I think I would use this for short days at work or a night out for dinner.  We believe it has the potential to make a full day, but that all depends on what you’re doing and the weather.

We like this stuff because it’s a water-based pomade.  It gives a light, smooth feel to your hair while holding it in place.

We love the smell, citrus is different from what others have been using and we dig it.  Nothing wrong with a little fresh lime or lemon!

The shine is a bit of a letdown, but as we explained its a water base and not an oil, which would last a lot longer.

This is a great pomade that feels pretty natural. You should try it, you would love it.

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