Fisticuffs Pomade Review

Fisticuffs Pomade Review “TUFF HOLD”

Fisticuffs pomade or also known as “TUFF HOLD” is a water-based product. It has a clean old-time barbershop scent and its light amber in color. This pomade is great for styling hard pants, psycho-billy Quiffs, Pompadours or just slicking your hair back.

We wanted to try something new, something that was more affordable than Suavecito or Layrite.

Our first impressions, this stuff is great, holds strong, smells awesome and it is workable.


Hairyfoo’s Review:

  • Fisticuffs “TUFF HOLD” Pomade is a water-based pomade
  • It has a clean old-time barbershop scent, like sandalwood.
  • It is great for styling
  • Strong “Tuff Hold”

Fisticuffs pomade is affordable. With $11 you can own a 4-ounce jar of fisticuffs pomade. Customers of this pomade testify of the product’s many benefits.

It has the ability to hold the hair in place throughout the day. For those with thick dry hair, fisticuffs is the pomade for you.

It keeps everything in place plus you do not need to worry about getting the product off your hair.

The reason for this is its water-based quality. With one rinse everything comes off compared to oil-based pomades.

The fisticuffs “TUFF HOLD” Pomade is claimed by many to be stronger than Layrite super hold. Although it is regarded as a cheaper alternative to other products, it is of higher quality.

This product doesn’t melt away like others. You can fall asleep with it and still wake up with your hair still in place.

With fisticuffs, you get the best hold, workability, great scent and value for your money. Trust us, you can’t go wrong with this product.


How much is a jar of Fisticuffs Pomade?

Fisticuffs Pomade

Fisticuffs is a water-based Pomade that has a clean old-time barbershop scent and is light amber in color. With a super-strong hold that will last hours.


Why should you use pomade?

Although pomade is an old school staple near-forgotten, it is making a comeback in recent times. Thanks to young barbers that value the pomade for its unique combination of hold and finish. And the fact that it gives hair the pliability of wax and the wet look of a gel.

In times past, pomades were only oil-based. But because of its notorious harshness and difficulty to wash off, a stylist has since embraced the new trend in grooming, which is water-based pomades.

These pomades wash off with just one rinse and it still offers an excellent amount of control. So whether you’re going for a sleek side-part or a natural matte hair with a good touch of texture.

Water-based pomades are a great choice.  Every man aspires to look his best, and an essential part of that look is his hair.

Various hair products have been in existence for a long time now and pomade is one of many great choices out there. This is the fisticuffs pomade review, one of the recommended pomades in the market today.

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