Layrite pomade Review

Layrite Pomade Review – Original, Styles Like Wax

You won’t find a better pomade that can even compare to this one.  We tried it, we loved it and you can read all about our Layrite pomade review, here!
Layrite Pomade Review - Original, Styles Like Wax 1
This thick super-rich pomade distributes evenly throughout your hair.  A little goes a long way.

Stays pliable for easy restyling and reactivated to a gel-like consistency with water. Control the amount of hold and shine by the amount of water you add while styling.

Important features

  •    Holds like wax and washes out like a gel
  •    Firm yet not stiff and flaky
  •    Smell has a light pleasant scent
  •    It gives a medium shine

Mild appealing vanilla fragrance. Works exceptionally well on both fine and extremely thick hair without flaking.

Layrite Classic Original

layrite pomade reviewIt is indeed true that with great hair, comes great responsibility. Pomade recently has since been considered a tasteful touch of class and tidiness.

It leaves you looking slick, shiny and nice. Pomade is a definite way to make sure that your hair stays in shape irrespective of how thick or dry it is.

Traditionally, oil-based pomade was the product to use because of its long-lasting hold. But soon people got discouraged because of its oily and greasy feel.  

Coupled with the fact that it requires a great amount of time and effort to rinse off.


How does water base work?

layrite pomade review

Eventually, water-based pomade came into play.

It offers as much shine and control for your hair and the additional ease of washing off with a single rinse.

With the recent water-based pomade out on a daily basis, it is difficult to make the best decision.

A decision that your hair will thank you for for the long haul.

We present to you layrite pomade review. This happens to be one of the best pomades available on the market today.

Lay-right seems to be the best description of this piece of art. It lays your hair just the right way you need it to be.


Layrite Pomade Review

Layrite Original Pomade is a firm hold, medium shine, water-soluble pomade that “holds like a wax, yet washes out like a gel.”

Create slicked-back styles, high pompadours, smart businessmen’s cuts, Mohawks, spikes, das, flat-tops, and extreme styles such as Mohawks.

Developed for use at the world-famous Hawleywood’s Barbershop.  They are famous for traditional, classic and retro styles.

Whatever your hairstyle is, with this stuff a little goes a long way.

Holds like a wax, yet washes out like a gel. For men serious about their hair, this rich dressing works great with both fine and thick hair.  


How to use

  • Scoop the desired quantity into your hands and rub gently between your palms until smooth.
  • Apply to your hair thoroughly. Then style as desired.
  • Add water as you style or apply to damp hair to achieve a slick wet look that firms up as it dries.
  • Apply to dry hair for a more natural style with less shine. Add more, a little at a time, for an even firmer hold.
  • Apply just a tiny bit into your dry hair and it will secure it in place throughout the day.
  • And without the brittle feel of a gel or hairspray.

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Layrite pomade review video

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Water, cetereth-25, PEG-7 Glyceryl cocate, propylene glycol, polysorbate-20, PEG-7 Hydrogenated castor oil, PEG-8 methicone, DMDM Hydantoin, Methylparaben, fragrance(parfum) Red 4 (CI 14700) Yellow 5 (CI 191140)

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