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Top 10 Pomade You Should Be Using (2022 Top Picks)

Being new to the wonderful world of pomade, you’re probably wondering how to pick a decent one to use.  Behold hairyfoo’s Top 10 Pomade list!

Buying pomade is a little like buying a bottle of wine from the store.  What do I mean?  I mean, you have 100’s of choices and if you’re like me. You usually just pick the one with the coolest label.

Here we just saved you a bunch of time and money by just giving our Top 10 pomade for men list.  We took our best pomade sold from and put them on the list below.  Have a look and let us know what you think?

New to using hair pomade, we got you covered!


Top 10 Pomade Comparison List

Product ImageSuavecito Pomade Firme Hold, 4 OzSee Price
Product ImageImperial Barber Classic Pomade, 6 ozSee Price
Product ImageHair Craft Co. Semi-Matte Finish Shine Pomade 4ozSee Price
Product ImageViking Revolution Pomade for Men 4ozSee Price
Product ImageAmerican Crew Pomade, 1.75 ozSee Price
Product ImageDapper Dan Deluxe PomadeSee Price
Product ImageBlind Barber 90 Proof PomadeSee Price
Product ImageBlind Barber 151 Proof Premium PomadeSee Price
Product ImageSmooth Viking Forming Cream for Hair (2 Ounces)See Price
Product ImageBaxter of California Hard Water Pomade for MenSee Price
Product ImageChallenger Men’s Matte Cream Pomade - 3 OunceSee Price
Product ImageREUZEL INC Blue Pomade, Strong Hold, Water Soluble, 4 ozSee Price
Product ImageRocky Mountain Barber Company PomadeSee Price
Product ImageChallenger Men’s Shine Pomade - 3 OunceSee Price
Product ImageChallenger Men’s Clean Cream Pomade - 3 OunceSee Price


Let’s go over oil-based and water-based pomade

Overall, these are the best to use for many types of hair.

But what is the difference between oil and water base?  The most simplistic answer I could give is if you want the classic slick back pompadour hair go OIL.  Or if you want the greaser look or something along the lines of having your hair shiny and not move too much.

But be warned, using oil does come with some side-effects such as acne from utilizing this pomade too much.  And of course the risk of drying out your hairs natural oils.

If your hair is starting to thin, be careful when applying the product, always use a comb to avoid hair coming out.

And one other minor issue that needs mentioning, it’s messy and hard to clean out of your hair.  Dawn dish soap seems to help clean the grease out of your hair and hands.

The Pro’s would be, often oil base is cheaper and will provide a tight shiny hold!

So what about water based?  To start off, it is SO much better for your hair.  The science involved in creating the right formula that can manage your beautiful head of hair is outstanding.

Most styling products are water based these days.  Which says a lot.  The plus side to this is, it is clean, it does the job it says it will do and it smells so nice!  That’s right; all brands have there unique scent which makes them annoying or pleasant.  So, as a rule of thumb, you better like the smell because you have to wear it.

The cons would be, water base tends to lose its hold after a few hours.  Re-applying fixes this, but in turn, you will use up more pomade doing so.  I go through about a can a month sometimes more, like in the summertime.


Things to consider

We’ve provided you with the ultimate top 10 pomade list, but if you’re not sure what you are looking for consider this.

  • Oil/Water – We just went over oil vs. water based pomade, but consider this first.
  • Smell – I mentioned earlier that you want this to smell good, to YOUR liking because you will be wearing it all day.  Most brands are too overwhelming and for example, I was hesitant about using old spice because I hate how their aftershave smells.  However, I bought it, I tried and loved it.  The smell is way different.  Also, I’ve tried the Axe pomade, this one does have a more cologne smell to it, which can be too strong.  Brands will differ, and some will smell better than others.  So, read about the scent or if you have a chance try and smell before you buy.
  • Hold – Obviously important because really, this is the reason why we graduated from hair gel to pomade.  Some are formulated to be stronger but I would say the average is about a medium hold, which is still pretty good and will not make your hair look crunchy at all.  If you need that stronger hold, look for a firme or “tough” hold.
  • Shine – There is no doubt that pomade is shiny on its own, it’s just how the product works.  However, there is a scale of 1-10 for shine.  I would say most pomade is at 3-5.  You can get more or less if you like, brands will advertise this because it is a buying category.
  • How long will it last – This is a good question.  Oil will last a day or two.  And water base has to be reapplied and reshaped maybe a couple of times a day.  The water-based will eventually dry out.  So, if you apply before going to the gym and working out, you will have to reapply.  Not a deal breaker, just thought it was worth mentioning.


How much pomade should you put in your hair?

TOP 10 POMADEEvery person is different, we have different chemistry and different hair.  By that, I mean experiment!  Start small and rub in both hands and then rub it all over your hair.  You want to get it all over and in to be effective.  Let me warn you, don’t use too much!  That’s when you know you messed up because your hair looks unwashed and greasy now.

Will pomade work with your hair?

Most likely yes, it’s a great hair product for many different kinds of hair.

  • Thick Hair – Let me be honest, this is how I got started using this stuff.  I have thick hair and I would use glue like a gel to help, but then my hair looked like crusty crap.  With thick hair, you can run into trouble applying too much pomade will lead to that unwanted greasy look.  So, use with caution.  Read Best pomade for Asian hair.
  • Thin Hair – Depending on how thin, you can use pomade, but it wouldn’t add too much dimension just mainly keep it in place.  But be careful you don’t pull hair out when applying.
  • Long Hair – Worth mentioning, sure why not.  However, you might go through a gallon of product to get your desired look.  Anyone reading this, please comment on your thoughts.
  • Curly Hair – Maybe pomade was made for this type of hair.  But regardless, it works, and it works well.  Tame those frizzy hairs and get a more textured hairdo.
  • Short Hair – Limited to a nice combed look, parted or slicked back.  You won’t be able to do much for textured unless you grow it out.
  • Straight Hair – Pomade works, but for straight hair, the problem there is it doesn’t naturally layer.  Which is fine, but if you desire some volume you may want to look at a different style product, such as wax or clay.

I wouldn’t worry too much about getting any of this out of your hair unless you go the oil base route.  Generally, this washes out easily.


Top 10 Pomade

There are many awesome brands and many awesome kinds of pomade to use.  I do have a favorite but I also like to try new ones and save some for special occasions.  So if you’re new, you won’t go wrong using this top 10 pomade list as a guide to get your hands on a good hair styling product.

Not sure if Pomade is for you, read why it might be better than wax and gel.

I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment and let me know what you’re using!

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