Best Pomade For Asian Type Hair

The struggles with having Asian hair are real.  It’s thicker and fuller because it has twice the diameter than Caucasian hair.  This article is about the best pomade for Asian hair and how to style it for the slick back look.

Then one day I discovered pomade.  I can’t tell you how awesome this stuff is and how it has changed my hair life.

All of these are great and it depends on your style and what you are going for.  But I would recommend any of those.  American Crew you can find at your local target, and its ok, but pricey.  For your best deal, I would order online and get twice as much for the same price.
best pomade for asian hair

Best Pomade For Asian Hair

The key to these top 5 is “the hold”.  You see, having that thicker hair means you need stronger and longer lasting hold.  Unlike gel and hairspray, this will hold a nice slick back or parted style for a lot more hours.

The scent is very important for me as well.  I like a nice cologne smell that isn’t over-powering, but I also like a naturally sweet aroma.  You get that with those five for sure.

Let me go over and give a brief review of them.

Suavecito Firme Hold

Best Pomade For Asian Type Hair 1I like to say this is the perfect pomade for complicated hair.  It was recommended by my barber, I liked it so much I went back a bought a jar for myself.

It is a water-based that has the strength of gel and hairspray.  The nice thing with it being water subtle is you can easily restyle with just a little more water

The color is a transparent-brownish tint, not my personal favorite.  I like clear or reddish tints. Either way, it makes no difference.

The smell is a nice lite cologne sent.  Just enough to give a good smell to a passing stranger.

My favorite thing about Suavecito is the hold.  My thick hair needs something really strong.

I also liked the shine was about a medium and lasted for most of the day.  My dark hair has a shine of its own, so I really don’t want to amplify it anymore.

Suavecito Firme Hold is really great for thick Asian hair.

American Crew

american crew pomadeAmerican crew is a very high-end pomade.  It’s especially great for thick hair.  It has excellent strength and hold.

My first impression was this is a very salon product.  It feels like a product.  Whereas some pomades have that DIY, made at home stuff.  To be honest, it was such a nice clean bottle that I thought it may have been something my mom bought.

But I’m not trying to knock it.  I gave it a chance and was surprised.

I popped the top and got a burst of a subtly scented cologne.  It is sort of clear and sticky.

It went into my hair fairly easily.  I just put a dab in my hand and tossed in my hair.  Combed it in, and it worked nicely.

It has a very strong hold and the shine wasn’t that bad either.  Overall, this is a great product that may cost you a few more dollars.  But I think, if you need a strong hold that isn’t a gel, go for this.

American Crew Pomade

Layrite Super Hold

Best Pomade For Asian Type Hair 2Layrite is a super cool product, possibly one of my favorite weapons I use.  I watched a video once on how this product is made.

It is made in small batches and put in a refrigerator to cool down.  I like that this is a hand-made, small batch product.  But moving onto my review.

It comes in a nice big white container.  When you open it the first thing I noticed was the color of the pomade.  It is bright orange, super cool.  For once the smell didn’t hit me, it was the color.

But the smell is nice almost natural vanilla.  No cologne here, but that’s ok, this gives you the option to use some if you like and not have double trouble smell.

This is a water-based product that went into my hair easily.  Small dabs in you my hand in and it absorbed well in my hair.Best Pomade For Asian Type Hair 3

A good comb-through to get my slick-back undercut style.  I notice this is super great for thick hair.  It holds a lot better than suavecito firme hold.

This does have a good shine to it, almost more than others.  But I think the less water used could tame it.

Overall, Layrite Super Hold is one of the best pomade for Asian hair.

Imperial Classic

Best Pomade For Asian Type Hair 4Here is the Imperial Classic Pomade, known for being tough on stubborn hair.  They like to call it “industrial strength hold”.

I’ve tried lots of these that claim to have that strong firm hold, but imperial classic does indeed have that super strength.  It reminds me of this gel I used when I was younger. That usually left my hair feeling like glue was in it.

The weird thing about this stuff is you would think it would be tougher to apply to your hair.  But actually it goes in pretty well, using a comb will help, and I do think it is necessary.

It’s a water-based pomade, that rinsed out easily and clean.  Re-apply later in the day with some water and you’re good to go.

It comes in a nice jar that is pretty simple.  When you open it you’ll notice the clear thick product.  The smell is simple, and unlike others, it has a faint fruity smell, almost like a melon.

Over all, I give Imperial Classic a 9/10 for hold and shine.

Fisticuffs “Tuff Hold”

Best Pomade For Asian Type Hair 5Fisticuffs also known as “Tuff Hold” is another great water-based pomade.  I first came across this product from one of my friends who rocks a great pompadour.

He told me I had to try it, “it is the best pomade for Asian hair“.  Although he is only half-Asian, he inherited the thick head of hair.  So, I trust his opinion and gave it a try.

My first impression is I just love the jar, it has that psycho-billy badass feel.  I do get the sense that this is really strong stuff.

It has a nice clean, fresh barbershop smell, like sandalwood.  It works really well for styling and has a strong “tuff hold”.  A lot stronger than layrite.

This is an affordable pomade, much cheaper than salon-style products.

My review, this stuff is awesome, has a great stronghold and smells really awesome.
Works into your hair well and stays for many hours.  Restyle when needed.

Now I’m not sure this is will be your style, but I do think it is my top 5 pomades.

Fisticuffs “Tuff Hold” Pomade

Many, Many, More

I have listed the best pomade for Asian hair that is very popular.  I have no doubt that if your hair is thick, any of these will do the trick.  You may need to ask yourself what kind of style are you going for.  Slick back, undercuts, etc.

From there you can figure out how strong your pomade needs to be.

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