The Ultimate Reuzel Pomade Review. The 5 Best Pomades For Thick Hair 1

The Ultimate Reuzel Pomade Review. The 5 Best Pomades For Thick Hair

There is a lot of hype for this Reuzel pomade review, and that’s because this product has been getting lots of you wondering why I always include it in my top 5 list. 

The reason is, Reuzel, makes a few formulas for different types of hair and styles.  So, I’m going to review all the colored tins they make.

Why the different colors, well those are different levels of hold and shine.  You can read more about below.

In a Hurry, See the Reuzel Pomades!

Product ImageREUZEL INC Red Pomade, High Sheen, Water Soluble, 4 ozSee Price
Product ImageREUZEL INC Blue Pomade, Strong Hold, Water Soluble, 4 ozSee Price
Product ImageREUZEL INC Pink Pomade Grease, Heavy Hold, 4 ozSee Price
Product ImageREUZEL Green Pomade Grease, Medium Hold, 4 oz.See Price
Product ImageREUZEL INC Fiber Pomade, 4 ozSee Price

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How to pick a Reuzel can to use?

While putting our top 5 list together we try to gather 1 or two from each of the following type of pomade.  That’s what make’s Reuzel fun, they have a few styles.

  1. Water-based
  2. Oil-based
  3. Fiber

Reuzel Has Water And Oil/Wax Base For Different Holds Are you new to using pomade?

Work your way up in this order.

See the comparisons and read further reviews below.


REUZEL Hair Pomade, Red, 4 oz

Reuzel Red can is a water-based pomade.

This is a unique pomade that uses ingredients that provides the benefits of an oil-based, such as a high hold with a generous amount of shine.

This pomade keeps a nice hold and shine on your hair all day.  And easily rinses out.

  • Water soluble, washes it out easily.  
  • Holds great
  • Smells is subtle cola/vanilla fragrance
  • No dry flakes
My Raiting:
4.5 out of 5

The new water-based formula is highly recommended for thick and wavy hair.

It applies very easily even when hair is dry.  Overall it’s very comfortable to use.

Such a great formula you really only need a small amount per use, a can this size will last a couple of months!

Lastly, the scent is really nice a not overpowering. 

One of the best pomades for all types of hair, but importantly it’s for the person who doesn’t want to use gel or an oil-based.  It’s perfect for the person who is looking for nice natural healthy hold and shine.

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#2. Reuzel Blue

Reuzel Blue Can, is a super concentrated pomade.

A water-based formula that works for all types of hair.  Holds like a strong wax, but rinses out easily.  

Great product,  so strong but easy on your hair.  It’s gentle enough to use in your beard.

  • Water-Based
  • Extra hold vs. the red can.
  • Application is easy as well as washing out.
  • Amazing smell – manly hint of vanilla.  
My Raiting:
4.5 out of 5

The blue can is a super concentrated water-based that can handle any thickness or textured hair.

I found this to have a similar hold to maybe the pink grease.  However, oil can be messy and hard to deal with.  This is made of water, so it washes out very easily.

I would recommend this to anyone with cowlicks, Asian or just thick hair that doesn’t want to use gel and hairspray anymore.  One thing you will notice is that it does seem similar to gel when you scoop it out.

The smell is good, and the shine is about a medium.  My favorite of all the Reuzel pomade review.

Let’s move onto some oil-based, super heavy hold.

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#3. Reuzel Green

REUZEL Grease Medium Hold Pomade, Green, 4 oz.

Reuzel Green Can, is an oil-based pomade.

This is a nice medium oil pomade that is perfect for barbershop classic hairstyles.

Made with the Reuzel formula that includes beeswax which helps moisture retention.  Also helps this product comb nicely through your hair to limit clumping.  

Extremely versatile pomade that gives you control with its strength and shine.

If you prefer an oil-based pomade to tame hair that maybe more difficult to tame, Reuzel Green will not disappoint you.

  • Hold is great, workable with water.
  • Medium hold
  • Medium shine
  • Oil-based
My Raiting:
4.8 out of 5


The green can is a nice introduction to using oil-based. This is mostly made of wax and oil and had a described medium hold.

My hair is thick, and I’ve been growing it for a few months now.  I’ve tried the water base blue can, but I quickly realized my hair is too thick, I need something heavy.  I gave this green can a try.

It’s a great oil/wax base for my trail run.  It is heavier than the blue and red can, so working with it took a bit to get used to.  It’s not too sticky, but I did find myself using dawn dish soap to remove from hands.  Also works to remove from hair!

The shine is right, for me, it was about a medium, which I liked.  I don’t care for sticking out too much.

The smell is pleasant and decent, a little like a sweet melon.  It’s better as the day goes on, it’s not strong at all.

This is perfect for thick hair you want to style.

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#4. Reuzel Pink

Reuzel Pink Pomade 4 oz

Reuzel Pink Can, is a heavy grease.

Similar to the green can, but this is some serious heavy grease pomade.

This unique Reuzel formula is made for the thickest and curliest hair.  Providing a great hold while encouraging moisture retention.

  • Hold like wax, washes out like gel
  • Medium hold
  • Medium shine
  • Water Soluble
My Raiting:
4.8 out of 5

The pink hog can is a heavy-duty, oil-based pomade on the market.  If you’re active, ride cycles, workout, go running and you want to keep a good hold on your hair, here you go.

Also, if you’re the type of person that keeps a comb in your back pocket and styles often, you may need to give the pink a try.

I can’t recommend this to beginners; this is for you guys who have experience working with heavy grease.  It is for thick unruly hair.

This is one of the best holds, not sticky and it’s easy to work through your hair.  Smells great and has a medium to the high shine.

The cons here are, it’s an oil base and will be a bit tougher to clean out of your head.  Heavy grease-cutting soap works to remove it.  But other than that

Bonus: This will work great as a mustache wax as well, two for one!

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#5. Reuzel Fiber

Reuzel Fiber Pomade, 4 Ounce

Reuzel Fiber Pomade, is a cross blend of fiber and pomade which makes for a great creamy hair paste.

Great for all types of hair especially if you are looking to add volume, texture or fullness.

  • Medium Hold
  • Matte Finish
  • Low Shine
  • Mint Scent
  • Natural Look
  • Great for all types of hair.
My Raiting:
4.8 out of 5

The blue fiber is the perfect product for when you dont want a heavy pomade, but you want some textured just rolled out of bed look.

A nice creamy pomade that makes applying it to your hair really nice.  

Controls thick, curly and even some of the more unruly hair out there.

Keeps hair looking great and the hold last all day as well.

This is a great way to have that messy but in style hair, it looks natural with the low shine.

What sets this appart from the others is that is more versatile to work with.  Instead of being geard toward people who like the psychobilly or traditional pomp.

The fiber pomade is a great new product that is designed for all types of hair that makes it great for texturizing and increasing the fullness.

This is the most ideal pomade if you’re in a hurry to get out of the house.  Its workable, moldable, soft enough to quickly build your hairstyle for the day.

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The Reuzel packaging

The packaging is manly, simple and has a rough design.

The best word for it is “rustic.” It does have a pig on it! If you ask yourself why it’s because Reuzel means lard in Dutch.

Don’t worry; the product does not contain any traces of lard, in fact, it’s not tested on animals at all. It’s just a reference to what people used as hair pomade back in the day.

You can read  Reuzel product history; it’s inspiring to use something created by passionate people like them.

Reuzel PomadeWhile the green version, grease-based Reuzel smells like apples, this red version has a sweet, caramel fragrance to it.

It is translucent, like most water-based pomade, and looks like light-colored honey.

It feels sticky to the touch, but once you get a little heat in, it becomes easy to use.

It applies reasonably well, there isn’t a lot of pull, but if you want to work it on dry hair, practice with it a little bit.

Hold, Shine and washing out

Don’t underestimate this pomade just because it’s water-based. This little piggy has a medium to high hold, and it will last all day!

The shine before it dries is impressive if it could stay like that all the time it would be perfect but it fades within an hour.

Some people like it just so, and I do appreciate a subtle finish. Washing off is a breeze, and you will never get your pillows stained.

That was my Reuzel Pomade Review. Overall, I give this pomade a 9 out of 10, just because nothing can be perfect, but I am genuinely a huge fan of this brand.

Product FAQ Section

Does Reuzel pomade contain pig?

No, they do not contain any pig.  Reuzel products contain water, oil and beeswax.  Those are the main type of indgredient.

Reuzel in Dutch actually means lard.

A long long time ago, pomades did contain animal grease.  But since then they have been able to formulate better pomades.  Who wants to have bacon grease in their hair?  Not me!

How do you use Reuzel pomade?

Reuzel pomade can be applied to dry or damp hair.

Depending on how strong of a hold you are looking for, the dryer the hair the stronger the hold.

Start by scooping some out of the tin and rubbing it in your hands.  Then apply all over your hair using hands and a comb if you like until you can no longer see the product.  This usually mean it is distrubuted evenly.

Then style the way you like it, using a comb and blow dryer to achieve it.

Final Verdict

Reuzel is a wonderful company started by two individuals who are passionate about what they do.

There is no doubt this is best pomades on the market.  I hope you can see the levels of hold and shine each can has to offer above.

If you’re new to Reuzel and pomade in general, I highly recommend giving them a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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