The Ultimate Reuzel Pomade Review. The 5 Best Pomades For Thick Hair 1

The Ultimate Reuzel Pomade Review. The 5 Best Pomades For Thick Hair

There is a lot of hype for this Reuzel pomade review, and that’s because this product has been getting lots of you wondering why I always include it in my top 5 list. 

The reason is, Reuzel, makes a few formulas for different types of hair and styles.  So, I’m going to review all the colored tins they make.

Why the different colors, well those are different levels of hold and shine.  You can read more about below.

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How to pick a Reuzel can to use?

While putting our top 5 list together we try to gather 1 or two from each of the following type of pomade.  That’s what make’s Reuzel fun, they have a few styles.

  1. Water-based
  2. Oil-based
  3. Fiber

Reuzel Has Water And Oil/Wax Base For Different Holds Are you new to using pomade?

Work your way up in this order.

See the comparisons and read further reviews below.


REUZEL Hair Pomade, Red, 4 oz

Reuzel Red can is a water-based pomade.

This is a unique pomade that uses ingredients that provides the benefits of an oil-based, such as a high hold with a generous amount of shine.

This pomade keeps a nice hold and shine on your hair all day.  And easily rinses out.

  • Water soluble, washes it out easily.  
  • Holds great
  • Smells is subtle cola/vanilla fragrance
  • No dry flakes
My Raiting:
4.5 out of 5

The new water-based formula is highly recommended for thick and wavy hair.

It applies very easily even when hair is dry.  Overall it’s very comfortable to use.

Such a great formula you really only need a small amount per use, a can this size will last a couple of months!

Lastly, the scent is really nice a not overpowering. 

One of the best pomades for all types of hair, but importantly it’s for the person who doesn’t want to use gel or an oil-based.  It’s perfect for the person who is looking for nice natural healthy hold and shine.

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#2. Reuzel Blue

Reuzel High Shine Blue Pomade- 4 oz

Reuzel Blue Can, is a super concentrated pomade.

A water-based formula that works for all types of hair.  Holds like a strong wax, but rinses out easily.  

Great product,  so strong but easy on your hair.  It’s gentle enough to use in your beard.

  • Water-Based
  • Extra hold vs. the red can.
  • Application is easy as well as washing out.
  • Amazing smell – manly hint of vanilla.  
My Raiting:
4.5 out of 5