Impressive Reuzel Pomade Review - 4 Different Cans, Red, Pink, Green, Blue 1

Impressive Reuzel Pomade Review – 4 Different Cans, Red, Pink, Green, Blue

There is a lot of hype for this Reuzel pomade review, and that’s because this product has been getting lots of you wondering if it is that good.  So, I’m going to review all the colored tins they make.

Why the different colors, well those are different levels of hold and shine.  You can read more about below.

I do love the formula of the Reuzel Pomade, the red variety.

I can honestly say it is fantastic, so I’ve been preaching about it to my friends quite a lot.

With the help of Reuzel, they graciously sent me the other colors to try.

Reuzel Has Water And Oil/Wax Base For Different Holds

Are you new to using pomade? Work your way up in this order.

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1. Reuzel Pomade Red

REUZEL Hair Pomade, Red, 4 ozRed can is a water-based, strong-hold, heavy on the shine.

The hold might be the strongest for a water-base.  I’ve had this stuff in for a couple of days and I can still get it to form and hold again.

That being said, it does wash out very quickly if you choose to do so. (This has the maximum strength when applied to dry hair, for lighter hold, apply when damp and dab off with a towel)

The smell is a bit of a faint cola, but I’m still not sure about that.  I will say it does have a sweet scent; it grows on you.

Need something a bit stronger, but want to stick to a water base, take a look at the blue.

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2. Reuzel Pomade Blue

Reuzel High Shine Blue Pomade- 4 ozThe blue can is a super concentrated water-based that can handle any thickness or textured hair.

I found this to have a similar hold to maybe the pink grease.  However, oil can be messy and hard to deal with.  This is made of water, so it washes out very easily.

I would recommend this to anyone with cowlicks, Asian or just thick hair that doesn’t want to use gel and hairspray anymore.  One thing you will notice is that it does seem similar to gel when you scoop it out.

The smell is good, and the shine is about a medium.  My favorite of all the Reuzel pomade review.

Let’s move onto some oil-based, super heavy hold.

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3. Reuzel Pomade Green

The green can is a nice introduction to using oil-basedREUZEL Grease Medium Hold Pomade, Green, 4 oz.. This is mostly made of wax and oil and had a described medium hold.

My hair is thick, and I’ve been growing it for a few months now.  I’ve tried the water base blue can, but I quickly realized my hair is too thick, I need something heavy.  I gave this green can a try.

It’s a great oil/wax base for my trail run.  It is heavier than the blue and red can, so working with it took a bit to get used to.  It’s not too sticky, but I did find myself using dawn dish soap to remove from hands.  Also works to remove from hair!

The shine is right, for me, it was about a medium, which I liked.  I don’t care for sticking out too much.

The smell is pleasant and decent, a little like a sweet melon.  It’s better as the day goes on, it’s not strong at all.

This is perfect for thick hair you want to style.

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4. Reuzel Pomade Pink

Reuzel Pink Pomade 4 ozThe pink hog can is a heavy-duty, oil-based pomade on the market.  If you’re active, ride cycles, workout, go running and you want to keep a good hold on your hair, here you go.

Also, if you’re the type of person that keeps a comb in your back pocket and styles often, you may need to give the pink a try.

I can’t recommend this to beginners; this is for you guys who have experience working with heavy grease.  It is for thick unruly hair.

This is one of the best holds, not sticky and it’s easy to work through your hair.  Smells great and has a medium to the high shine.

The cons here are, it’s an oil base and will be a bit tougher to clean out of your head.  Heavy grease-cutting soap works to remove it.  But other than that

Bonus: This will work great as a mustache wax as well, two for one!

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Reuzel Pomade Review Video

Packaging, smell, and texture

The packaging is manly, simple and has a rough design.

The best word for it is “rustic.” It does have a pig on it! If you ask yourself why it’s because Reuzel means lard in Dutch.

Don’t worry; the product does not contain any traces of lard, in fact, it’s not tested on animals at all. It’s just a reference to what people used as hair pomade back in the day.

You can read  Reuzel product history; it’s inspiring to use something created by passionate people like them.

Reuzel PomadeWhile the green version, grease-based Reuzel smells like apples, this red version has a sweet, caramel fragrance to it.

It is translucent, like most water-based pomade, and looks like light-colored honey.

It feels sticky to the touch, but once you get a little heat in, it becomes easy to use.

It applies reasonably well, there isn’t a lot of pull, but if you want to work it on dry hair, practice with it a little bit.

Hold, shine and washing off

Don’t underestimate this pomade just because it’s water-based. This little piggy has a medium to high hold, and it will last all day!

The shine before it dries is impressive if it could stay like that all the time it would be perfect but it fades within an hour.

Some people like it just so, and I do appreciate a subtle finish. Washing off is a breeze, and you will never get your pillows stained.

That was my Reuzel Pomade Review. Overall, I give this pomade a 9 out of 10, just because nothing can be perfect, but I am genuinely a huge fan of this brand.

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Reuzel Pomade
  • Consistency
  • Application
  • Hold
  • Shine
  • Smell


Reuzel is a company from Amsterdam, they make some amazing pomades. With that in mind this is a review of all 4 styles of hold. We love the companies product so much, we found an average 4/5 stars across the board. Depending on the hold and shine you are looking for, they got you covered.

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