Uppercut Pomade Review

Uppercut Pomade Review – Holds While You Sweat

This Uppercut pomade review is about a water-soluble product appropriate for a diverse range of designs. Its distinctive formula means it will wash out simply leaving no residue.

It is thick like a gel but don’t be fooled. Uppercut offers control and definition. Developed by barbers who know what will work.

Traditional is turning into an ability of the past, but we are bringing it back with a clean, masculine complete to that men can relate.

Inspired by the timeless style of the 1950’s barber search, uppercut barber provides is a trendy nevertheless ancient approach to male grooming.


Uppercut Pomade Review

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 3.5oz pros and cons are discussed below:


  • Keeps hair in place, a nice hold for active people
  • It is water-based, you can easily restyle if needed
  • Only need a little bit to style your hair, saves money!
  • Smells great
  • It washes out pretty easily


  • It is sticky and adds an extra step, getting off of hands when you’re done.
  • Active biker or jogger, dust might get caught in your hair, only experienced that once though.

I’ve used American Crew Fiber within the past, which was sensible to keep my hair in the shape I need it (I actually have swish hair so it’s arduous to shape it and keep it that means).

However, my hairstyle would not stay maintained if I exercised or rode my bike for a while. I wouldn’t expect it too unless it was an oil base.


I was wanting a product that maintained my hair

uppercut pomade reviewParticularly through sweat and water. I was pretty skeptical when I found Uppercut since I never heard of it before.

I ride a bike, therefore, I sweat a lot, but my hair keeps its form for the most part using this.

The product smells like something just like lite coconut mixed with vanilla.

And while I compared uppercut deluxe pomade vs others, I noticed there was a price difference of course. Mainly only a few bucks less than the bigger companies. So why was this?

I simply checked out some Youtube videos to see their uppercut pomade reviews and realized then I just ordered a tin.


The cool factor about Uppercut

You don’t want to use that a lot of, or at least I feel that I will use less of the product compared to when I was using American Crew Fiber. Conjointly, if your hair is misshapen at any moment, you’ll fix it with the product that’s already in your hair.

I felt that with American Crew Fiber, I had to redo the front with more products simply to stay my hair up.


When it comes to Uppercut Deluxe pomade

I usually go with the water-based ones. The first pomade I have tried years ago was a Brylcreem oil-based one I borrowed from my uncle’s cabinet. Many of you probably know that we’re talking about old-school, heavy stuff here.

uppercut pomade reviewMy application skills were close to zero and naturally, the process didn’t go well. I had trouble styling my hair, getting the product to do its job and then washing it off.

The whole experience was so off-putting that I stayed away from pomade a long time after this.

This lasted until I tried water-based, modern pomade. I have been using these for 2 years and I think I got pretty good at it. I know enough now to start writing reviews. I will begin with my favorite product so far, so I give you the Uppercut Pomade Review:



uppercut deluxe pomade review

Like other water-based formulas, this brown-reddish product has a semi-transparent, thick gel-like consistency. I would compare it to marmalade, but not as sticky.


Easiness of application

While it does take a bit of skill to distribute it evenly through your hair, you can work with it smoothly.

Being soluble in water, it allows you to adjust the styling using a wet comb.

You should move relatively fast and not let it dry completely, though.


Medium-strong hold

My hair doesn’t need a super-strong hold since it’s fine and straight. The problem with my type of hair is actually finding a product that doesn’t feel heavy.

Uppercut Deluxe holds my hair enough to look sharp, without feeling greasy or gooey. The finish is semi-matte and a little crisp, so the style will stay in place.



For me, the smell is a wonderful bonus. It reminds me of cookies baking, it has a subtle, warm sweetness that got a lot of compliments.

I actually have to let go of a lot of men’s products because they have incredibly strong smells, which I tend to avoid. Also, I have smelled petroleum-based pomade on other persons and it really lingers with you, not pleasantly so.

I hope you found my Uppercut Pomade Review useful.

While this pomade can force you to give up a few bucks extra, I believe it’s worth it. It does have a lot of buzz around it because it has a lot of pluses compared to others. I am definitely a loyal customer.

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