Woody’s Pomade Review

Woody’s Pomade Review – The only hair wax you need

This is one of my personal favorites by far.  For me, I have natural hair which makes it pretty easy to work with and doesn’t require too much product.  Read our Woody’s Pomade Review below.

And that’s what I appreciate about Woody’s.  It gives a low shine and a stronghold that does “lock” your hair into place, but does stay in that general area.  Just a subtle wax-like consistency.  Smells very nice too!

  • It contains awesome ingredients such as, Ginger Root, Hemp Seed Oil, Yucca Vera which is used for strengthening and fortifying hair.

My first impression of Woody’s pomade was the container and logo.  It’s a see-through glass jar,  you can see the color of the pomade which has a light cool green tone.  I

Then noticed the label which says “Woody’s” and it has an outline of a surfer and surfboard.  I assume it was named after the surfboard!

It gives you that California surfer vibe, which living in Minnesota is kind of nice.


Consistency and Application

woody's pomade reviewThis is a water-based pomade that isn’t greasy but it does have a wax-like texture.  It’s easy to work in the hair, just a dime-sized dab on your hand and it’s pretty manageable.

I don’t mind the wax-like consistency.  It does help to have your hair be just a little wet yet.  Otherwise, I notice it is rough on your scalp and it will pull a few hairs out.  So, not totally wet, just a touch wet works the best for Woody’s.

It does say you can put in wet or dry on the container.  Naturally, we tested for our woody’s pomade review and found that because it is an oil base it does go in dry.

Also, after an hour or so, I re-style my hair with my comb and some water, and it had the same effect as water base.  It worked perfectly!


How is the Hold

For starters, I blended this with just a dab of water to make it work easier.  From there I worked it through my entire head of hair.  I took my pomade comb and started to sculpt my style for the day.  I combed it to the side for work, and it held nicely.

The overall hold is nice, it doesn’t feel greasy or stiff like a gel.  Woody’s pomade is great, just a little really goes a long way.

I had to re-comb/tighten it back up after a few hours, I did end up using another dab to get it back together.  So I think the hold is Ok but not strong enough for a whole day.  On the upside, it doesn’t leave you with that wet head look.  I think it’s an even trade-off.



From the Woody company, they said TONS of shine but its water subtle.  I think they are trying to push that it shines for a water base.  Which at first it does, but it’s a low one.

Others have said it’s an excellent shine.  Everyone’s hair is different and some do have a natural shine, it’s hard to say.  But my shine, was low using this product.



I would say this is a pretty decent quality pomade, and for the price, it feels like a higher-end salon-style product.

The actual smell is like the Baxter of California stuff, it has a citrus tree scent.  But it is a bit on the dull side.

However it doesn’t smell terrible like a musky old spice, I don’t mind the citrus smell.


Woody’s Pomade Review Conclusion

This is a super cool water-based pomade.  Just look at the container and tell me you don’t want to go sit by the beach and take in the sun and waves.

It’s easy to work with pomade, a bit sticky but with a dab of water, it will work its way into your hair nicely.  It gives off a nice citrus smell that isn’t overwhelming to your surrounding friends and co-workers.

A modern pomade for great hold with tons of flexibility.  Not just for males as it states on the container, I know lots of females that use this

Thanks for reading our woody’s pomade review, give it a try, it’s worth it.

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