Admiral Classic Pomade Review

Admiral Pomade Review – Classic Hold

I’ve tried tons of pomade and it’s no wonder I easily find new ones that become my favorite.  I’m excited to talk about Admiral.  It’s the perfect amount of hold my hair needs, applies well and smells excellent. Full Admiral pomade review below.

admiral pomade reviewI often get asked to recommend the absolute best pomade to start with.

And while there are dozens to choose from, this is one I would tell you to start with.

Why? Because, you get a really dapper product, that comes in a classy glass container and aside from being an easy product to work with, it is a very reasonable price.


From gels to this

A lot of men are not sure what to start with, but they want to transition from gels to something more natural and classic.

The varieties can be split into two main categories: water-based products and oily products.

The former is more recommended for beginners and the latter may appeal to someone with an old-school style.

I decided to write this Admiral pomade review because it is a great transitioning product that has the qualities of both types of formulas.


Admiral pomade review

Admiral Classic Strong Hold Pomade is a 100% water-based, strong hold pomade with a subtle coconut scent. Developed over the course of 9-months, this product is perfect for classic styles like a Side-Part or Pompadour.

Unlike most water-based pomades, this product contains beeswax for a creamy application and a more natural hold. Great for all hair types.

Like most water-based pomade it tends to get hard after a while, this one not too bad thanks to the wax.



The Admiral Strong Hold Classic delivers the expected properties of a water-based formula: it has a translucent texture, it is easy to apply and re-style during the day and lets the scalp breathe.



Indeed, the addition of beeswax takes this product to another level, making it more creamy and creating that stronghold that some people want to achieve.

It is suitable for thicker or curly hair, as it covers the hairs evenly and dries into a stronger texture, but with a natural feel. It does not make the hair brittle and crispy, like gels or other similar products.



The coconut scent is subtle and easy to get used to when wearing it.  Smells like you are at the beach.

You can really feel you are using a natural product and this also translated into the final finish.



Water-soluble pomade tends to dry into a matte finish, but the Admiral doesn’t lose its shine. I believe it’s the beeswax in it that gives a great look, especially if you embrace the rockabilly style.



This is one of its advantages since you get 4 Oz. of product for a more than reasonable price. I order it from Amazon and it lasts me 4-5 months with regular use.

That was my admiral pomade review. Would I recommend it? Absolutely, it is versatile and suitable for more styles and hair types. It is a must-have, in my opinion.


Should you try it?

Absolutely, give it a try.  My favorite thing about this is how easy it goes in your hair.  I notice less hair in my hands when applying using this stuff.

After lots of use of other stronger pomades, they tend to really mess with you.  And that’s why its good to switch it up from time to time.  This stuff is good for daily use

The smell is good, not cologne, but a beachy coconut scent.

A great hold, even if your hair is stubborn like mine!

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