murray's superior hair dressing pomade review

How To Use Murray’s Pomade And Bonus Review

Being a vintage collector and person who loves pomade, I wanted to try some of the classics.  My first exploration starts with Murray’s.  I found it at the drug store for super cheap.  After reading this how to use Murray’s pomade, you may want to try it yourself. While doing some research on this, I came across […]

quiff hairstyle for men

What Is A Quiff Hairstyle? These 5 Celebrties Have Them

Sitting here in the barbershop I’m going through magazines trying to figure out what my next hairstyle should be.  And then I read the words on the page, what is a quiff hairstyle? I come across the page with a man with short style hair on the sides but on top a sort of messy […]

Harry's shave club Review

Harry’s Shave Club Review (You Have To See The Hidden Blade!)

Shave clubs have rapidly become famous, and that is likely because a four-pack of razors can cost up to $20 and only last two weeks.  I have tried them all and stuck to one for the previous three years, below you can read all about my Harry’s shave club review. I have a subscription to […]



With so many hair styling products it can be overwhelming.  I’m going to convince you why pomade in this article.  You will see pomade vs clay, fiber, wax, gel, and paste. When it comes to styling their hair, men are often conservative and stick to the first product they have come across in middle school.  That was […]

best hair pomade for men

Top 10 Pomade You Should Be Using (2022 Top Picks)

Being new to the wonderful world of pomade, you’re probably wondering how to pick a decent one to use.  Behold hairyfoo’s Top 10 Pomade list! Buying pomade is a little like buying a bottle of wine from the store.  What do I mean?  I mean, you have 100’s of choices and if you’re like me. […]

American Crew Pomade Review

American Crew Pomade Review – Is It a Winner?

To be honest, I was skeptical of this brand, it seemed to clean, a too high-end salon for me.  But after some research, I found some cool Elvis label that made me change my mind.  Here is the result, my American Crew Pomade review. The AC brand was created to give men hair products that […]

Every Man jack Pomade review

Every Man Jack Pomade Review – Found At Target

My every man jack pomade review. I found self at the bottom of my pomade tin, empty and desperately needing some.  So I ran to target and found every man jack pomade.  I decided to give it a try, it was cheap enough to take a loss if it sucked. What is interesting about this […]

Uppercut Pomade Review

Uppercut Pomade Review – Holds While You Sweat

This Uppercut pomade review is about a water-soluble product appropriate for a diverse range of designs. Its distinctive formula means it will wash out simply leaving no residue. It is thick like a gel but don’t be fooled. Uppercut offers control and definition. Developed by barbers who know what will work. Traditional is turning into […]

Layrite pomade Review

Layrite Pomade Review – Original, Styles Like Wax

You won’t find a better pomade that can even compare to this one.  We tried it, we loved it and you can read all about our Layrite pomade review, here! This thick super-rich pomade distributes evenly throughout your hair.  A little goes a long way. Stays pliable for easy restyling and reactivated to a gel-like […]

The Ultimate Reuzel Pomade Review. The 5 Best Pomades For Thick Hair 6

The Ultimate Reuzel Pomade Review. The 5 Best Pomades For Thick Hair

There is a lot of hype for this Reuzel pomade review, and that’s because this product has been getting lots of you wondering why I always include it in my top 5 list.  The reason is, Reuzel, makes a few formulas for different types of hair and styles.  So, I’m going to review all the colored tins […]