Best Mirror For Seeing Back Of Head  Cutting With 7 Reviews 1

Best Mirror For Seeing Back Of Head Cutting With 7 Reviews

If you have every tried to cut your own hair by yourself?  If so, you know that the hardest part is cutting the back.

Is there a mirror for seeing back of head?  Yes, in fact there are dozens of them.

If you cut your own hair or even style it daily, you need to be able to see what that back of your head looks like.

Im guilty of having the spiked hair and even the hairs standing straight up without even knowing it!  How embarrassing!

I have done the research and below you will see some of the best mirror for cutting own hair, most importantly the back.

Choosing the best mirror for cutting own hair

Whether you are male of female will only make a small difference. 

The longer the hair is the bigger the mirror you choose will be better for you.  But in my opinion it isn’t going to hurt if you have a smaller mirror, you might just need to do more angle changes.

  1. Choose a mirror that will work for your hair type.
  2. Choose a mirror that will look nice in your bathroom, for example chrome.

Table of Contents

Best Mirror For Seeing Back Of Head Reviews

1.DecoBros 9.8-Inch

The DecoBros 9.8 inch mirror is perfect for cutting the sides and back of your head as well as adding to the decor of your bathroom.

This mirror comes in a very nice looking nickel finish, that compliments any paint finish or bathroom style.

The 9.8-inch mirror has a total 25-inch circumference and a 13.5-inch extension that folds nicely against the wall when not in use. 

The two-sided mirror is nice to have, you have a normal side and then a 7x magnified side.  Both are easily accessible by flipping it over.

It’s so easy to install, comes with all the hardware to do so, you’ll just need a screwdriver.  

I Highly recommend the Decobros bathroom mirror.

My Rating:
4.8 out of 5

2.DecoBros 8-inch

Another DecoBros style mirror, but this one is the 8-inch version with an accordion-style extender.

It has the same nickel finish, wall mount, and 360-degree swivel design as the DecoBros mirror above.  I personally love the design for its accordion extender, which extends an impressive 23.3 inches.  It folds up nicely against the wall when not extended.

Double-sided with one being a 7x magnification option, works really well for applying hair color and make-up. 

This is a very nice stylish mirror that is also functional, especially for seeing what the back of your head looks like!

Super easy to install!

You really can’t beat the price for an awesome mirror.

My Rating:
4.8 out of 5


How about a wall-mounted mirror that lights up?  GURUN makes mirror’s and this one is the very best of them.

The wall-mounted, 360-degree swivel is what you need if you cut your own hair.   But just to kick it up a notch, they have added LED light to it.  This is great since a lot of bathroom light comes from the front where the sink is.  This is perfect for seeing the back of your head.

A double-sided mirror in a chrome finish is an elegant design that will make any bathroom resemble a spa or hotel bathroom.

This requires a plug-in within 3-4 feet from the mounted mirror.

My Rating:
4.1 out of 5

4.Ovente Wall Mounted Vanity Mirror

The Ovente mirror is actually designed for doing makeup, but I found that it also works great for cutting your hair because it has that 360 design and extends to the back while also lighting up.

A great LED light option that runs on batteries.  A great option for those areas where you don’t have a plugin.

There are 3 choices for finish, Antique bronze, Nickle Brushed and Polished Chrome.  

My Rating:
4.8 out of 5


Jerdon is known for style and top of the line quality in the beauty industry, and this mirror proves just that.

And excellent wall mount mirror that extends 13.5 inches and folds back in when not in use.

It comes in 3 stylish finishes, Bronze, Chrome and Nickel.

Double-sided mirror with magnification on one side and normal on the other works great for both hair and makeup.

My Rating:
4.8 out of 5

6.ALHAKIN Extendable Mirror

A perfect wall mounted bathroom mirror.  With a 360 degree rotation and 8-inch large mirror.  Extends 12 inches and folds up against the wall when done.

The design is for all types of angles, up close, way in the back of your head, or which ever way you like, it swivels all around.

Great for shaving, cutting your hair or makeup.

Easy to install and looks sharp in your bathroom.

My Rating:
4.5 out of 5


A popular mirror that is stylish, works great, and is easy to install.

GuRun has a decorative dark metal design that makes this mirror look like a very expensive one.  Not to say this isn’t but when you can make a product that looks great for half the cost, that’s a home fun for me!

An 8-inch mirror is a perfect size for helping with seeing the back of your head.  The arm extends 12 inches and can swivel to whichever angle you like.

Easy and quick to install, this bathroom mirror is the perfect assistant for cutting your hair.

My Rating:
4.6 out of 5

FAQ Section

How do you put a mirror in the back of the head?

Using a wall-mounted mirror and the bathroom mirror together you can see the back of your head very well.  Simply, extend the wall mount to the back of your head while continually looking at the bathroom mirror to achieve this.

best mirror for seeing back of head

How do I shave the back of my head myself?

Shaving the back of your head is easily the most difficult part of cutting your own hair at home.  But with the help of any of my recommended mirrors, you can do this more accurately. 

Final Verdict

Using the above-recommended guide for mirrors for seeing the back of your head, you will be able to get to those areas you couldn’t earlier.

Take it from me, if you are going to start cutting your hair at home, you will want to use a mirror.  A hand-held does work, but I find it easier to have a hands free mirror.

Fashion photo created by freepik –” 

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash Haircut: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, young males had to have the standard innocent haircut, anything else and people might think you’re dangerous.  The type I’m talking about is the greaser guy with the cool haircut, like James Dean in rebel without a cause.

Johnny Cash Haircut
Johnny Cash Hair

Fast forward several years and it has now become so iconic we call it the Johnny Cash haircut.

But before Cash, another well-known icon was securing their place in history who also had amazing hair.  That person was Elvis Presley, and legend has it, Presley, taught Johnny how to style and cut his hair.

What do you call the Johnny Cash haircut?

Today we call it the pompadour.  Pomade is used to grease it back and keep it in place throughout the day.  Occasionally combing back into place as needed.

Johnny kept this haircut his entire life, although some decades were more of the big hair years like the 1970’s and 1980’s, he never was swayed to try anything else.

But was Cash’s hair as iconic as him, the legend, the slow drawing, whiskey-fueled country singer?  In my opinion, his hair was great, but it really doesn’t play a roll in how I imagine him.

And in fairness, Johnny was classy, he did not ever overdo it with his hair.  He wore it well and that’s what we all appreciate about the man in black.

This is what Johnny Cash used to style his hair

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Like Elvis, in the late 50’s there was only a couple of options to use for your hair.  Pomade was the way to go, Dapper Dan, Dixie Peach Lovers Moon, Royal Crown, and even Vasoline.

Check out our article about Elvis and his Hair.

Can hairspray or gel work?  My answer to that is no, and here is why.  Those products are like glue, and their job is to keep your hair in place.  Depending on how much gel or spray you use, the harder it becomes.

Johnny Cash Hair MessUsing products like pomade, you have that natural slicked back hair that does have the freedom to come undone, but also snap back into place.

I’m sure you’ve seen Cash’s hair become a total wreck in some of those iconic 1960’s concert photos.  What you don’t see, is him taking a comb out of his back pocket and resetting his hair.  It was that easy!

He was the total package

Aside from his stylish hair, he wore his legendary black suit.  Stone-faced, deep baritone voice and guitar.  This is what makes the man in black.

He sang about his somber style and answered the questions many had back then.  Why do you only wear black?  June Carter once said to Johnny, you look like you are going to a funeral, and he replied, maybe I am.

He wore black as a statement and protest for those less fortunate.  His philosophy could have several meanings, but my interpretation is this is his rebel fight with those without a voice.

Style your hair like Cash

It is fairly easy to achieve.  You’re going to first make sure you have the right haircut.  That is short on the side and a good length on top.

Pick up a tin of pomade.

You can read our best pomade for men guide here.

If you’re a first time user of pomade, it’s simple.  Use just a dab in your hand, and while your hair is still damp rub both of your hands through your head evenly, like you are shampooing.

Using a comb, start from the front and work it to the back.  Once you have that, you can start to give the front some volume, use a hairdryer to finalize the hold.

And there you have it!


What Is A Quiff Hairstyle? These 5 Celebrties Have Them 2

What Is A Quiff Hairstyle? These 5 Celebrties Have Them

Sitting here in the barbershop I’m going through magazines trying to figure out what my next hairstyle should be.  And then I read the words on the page, what is a quiff hairstyle?

I come across the page with a man with short style hair on the sides but on top a sort of messy but cool hair that is up.  I noticed page after page that this hairstyle is kind of popular and it’s done in many ways.

So I asked the stylist about these magazines and the new haircuts I see In the pictures. She replies with “oh that’s called a quiff”.

What is a quiff hairstyle?

what is a quiff hairstyle

A quiff hairstyle is short on the sides with longer hair on top that has volume.  Most often the quiff hairstyle is combed off to the side.

A quiff is similar to a pompadour style, but the quiff is less restrained because you won’t need products like pomade to grease it down.  I would describe quiff as a sort of rock star look that has the attitude and functionality for everyday use.

The quiff style has more hair on top focused on the front of the head with short somewhat groomed nicely on the sides.

Using products like hair clay, you can add the volume needed to texture and style up the front and back in an organized messy way.

How to quiff your hair?

Depending on your hairs and the type of quiff you’re going for, there are certain ways you can do this but here are the basic.

The most important part is you get your haircut done right first. What that means is short on the sides and a decent length on top. As I said above I just discovered this and I wanted to figure out how to do it right so I’m explaining how my stylist cut it for me after just showing her a picture from the magazine.

If you have the proper haircut you are mostly all set, in fact, it will take less than five minutes to do.

After your shower dry your hair off using a towel but don’t dry completely. Now with your hair, damp you can have some product.  My personal favorite is here clay and since I have thick hair if this works out really well.

So what you gonna do is take a dab of the hair clay and rub it in your hands and then rub it through your hair thoroughly.  Using a comb start the slick it back.  No depending on the quiff you might want to grab a hairdryer and fluff it up to get as much value as you can.

For me I like to go with the messy quiff it’s textured it’s got volume and it also looks cool.

Celebrities with quiffs

Being a very popular hairstyle you’ve likely seen many celebrities wearing it.  Below are some of my favorites.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Quiff
The angry quiff

Here is Gordon Ramsay, Hells kitchen host, and one badass chef.  He’s rocking the angry quiff, I just gave that title to him.  He always seems pissed off, but it does look good on him.

David Beckham

david beckham quiff
David Beckham, sexy quiff

This is another great example, David Beckham has a great quiff and not much else to say about it.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon Lazy quiff
Jimmy Fallon Lazy quiff

Jimmy Fallon, I have dubbed the easy lazy quiff.  Why, because take a look, his quiff took about 2 minutes to do but still looks great!

It is such a cool way to style your hair

So as you see we just discovered what is a quiff hairstyle.

And to be honest it’s my new favorite, I used to have the Pompadour but I was tired of using pomade and greasing my hair down, and then having to wash it out late at night so that it doesn’t ruin my pillows.

What kind of products do you need for a quiff?

To style your hair properly you will need some sort of holding product. Here are a few types you can use.

Some people use a hair mouse as a base to begin, I don’t find it necessary but I think you could experiment and if it works for you great!  After the mouse, they usually add one of the above to style.

I don’t recommend using any kind of gel because those tend to harden and leave chunks of hair locked in a crispy non-attractive hold.  You will not be able to quiff with gel!

You can buy those products just about anywhere, Target, Wal-Mart, salons, etc.  I have found some of the best products for cheap online, of course.  But if you’re in a pinch, check out any big box store.


I hope my experience has helped you understand just what a quiff hairstyle is.  Honestly, it is not the best name for a hairdo, the British come up with some funny stuff.

Check out youtube for some videos to help show you how to style it, whether your hair is long, curly or short!