murray's superior hair dressing pomade review

How To Use Murray’s Pomade And Bonus Review

Being a vintage collector and person who loves pomade, I wanted to try some of the classics.  My first exploration starts with Murray’s.  I found it at the drug store for super cheap.  After reading this how to use Murray’s pomade, you may want to try it yourself.

How To Use Murray's PomadeWhile doing some research on this, I came across this article in Men’s Health magazine.  That was a pleasant surprise, being that my first impression of this product wasn’t that great.

For a big-name magazine to put out an article of their favorite grooming products of the year and mention Murray’s, kind of changed my first initial opinion.  Let me explain more.


A little Murray History

Let’s go back to 1926 when this product was born.  Now I would assume they had limited ingredients and that is why this has only three!  Petrolatum, Mineral Oil and Fragrance (perfume).

We are talking about some heavy-duty oil and you will notice that once you pop to top.  By the way, keep some grease cutter soap handy, just to clean up.

This stuff can really hold up to my thick hair, I’m talking strong.  If you rock the pompadour style, I would highly recommend this, with just a small bit of advice.  I talked about it being a bit heavy on the oil, so take that into consideration.

Think about washing it out of your hair before going to bed.  You would defiantly have an oil spot on your pillow in the morning.


Not So Easy To Use

Here is the deal, this tin of pomade is an average price of $2.50.  It’s cheap, its good but it does have it’s downfalls.  One of them being, it’s not so easy to work with.

When I tried it, it was hard, it was sticky.  Trying to put it in my hair took some practice.  When I did get it to evenly go through my hair, I had to use a blow dryer to get it to work into place.  Ok, so it’s a bit more steps than my usual products.


How Does It Smell?

My first impression of the scent wasn’t good.  It is a like a musky oil smell with a hint of vanilla.  Strangely addictive after the first time using it.  To be honest, it isn’t my favorite smell in the world, but it is timeless and does have its classic appeal.


Shine Or No Shine?

The pomade was thick, it is oily so I figured it would leave a dull shine in my head.  But actually, it had a lot of shine, nothing too over the top.  Being an oil base, it doesn’t dry out, so I noticed the shine lasted for a really long time.


Cheapest Pomade On The Market

After reading my review, would you be surprised if I told you the cost is about $2 for a 3oz jar?  Well, it is, and you get almost twice as much as you would a jar of any new product.

This is s simple 3 ingredient pomade that has been around since 1925.  You really can’t beat the reputation or the cost.

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