can men wear thongs?

Can Men Wear Thongs? (My Surprising Response)

Can men wear thongs?  Your first thought might be this is weird or perverted, and that is normal.  You also might just be curious, because you think you might have seen a dude at the gym and his whale tail was showing in the back?  And you’re thinking, did I just see what I think I saw?

The answer is yes, they can and do.  No longer do we live in a one underwear society, where they make tighty-whities in 6 different sizes.  The world is evolving and so is fashion and comfort.

It’s important to stress that this is not telling you to wear ladies underwear, they do make specific for male-only thongs.

Please keep reading for further information.


Let Me Tell Why Some Men Wear Them

First of all, we need to get the image out of your head that immediately associates them with girls.  However, we need to think about why they wear them, and no sorry, it’s not for us, not in most cases.

There certainly is an occasion that requires ladies to wear thongs.   Ask them and they will tell you that it is unflattering to have your underwear lines in your pants or dress outlined for the world to see.

The same goes for us dudes, nothing dorkier than showing what you’re hiding underneath.

But in all seriousness, they are great for working out in the gym or out running.  They are designed for maximum comfort, let’s go over some of those attributes.


Designed for Comfort and Support

Ultimately, these support the bits needing support.  Using soft breathable cotton, you will stay dry.

Briefs start out holding your stuff secure in place but eventually lose that and then it’s just uncomfortable and you wonder why you even bothered putting underwear on.  We like them because of there design, will hold in place all day.

And like I had mentioned above, working out is kind of the point, the comfort, finally!


10 Good Reasons To Wear Thongs

  1. Discreet – while that goes for all underwear, at first you’ll be paranoid to wear one.  But, unless you decided to show off your new undies, no one will know.
  2. The Support – Designed to hold your junk and not lose that over time
  3. Comfort – Soft cotton, you’re going to wonder why you haven’t been wearing these until now.
  4. Workout – Wear these in the gym or out for a run.
  5. No Stink –  Holds in place all day, no rub, less sweat, less smell.
  6. Cost – While these cost a few more dollars than briefs, they are worth every penny.
  7. Shop Online – You can shop online, no need to have some teenagers judge you.
  8. Extra Bulge – That’s right, with the support all day long, thongs keep your wiener in a nice pouch, that gives off a nice bulge.
  9. Colors – Choose many varieties of colors, one for everybody.
  10. SEXY – There I said it, chicks think dudes look sexy wearing them.


Men’s Workout Thongs Are Totally Legit

If there is ever a more practical reason for dudes to wear a thong, it’s in the gym.  The material used is breathable standard cotton.  Holding your junk tight.  No more swinging and getting in the way.

What does it feel like?  It takes some getting used to, it doesn’t feel like a foreign object in your crack.  What I liked most about this is, everything is contained and secure.

If you’re working out, then surely you are going to be sweating.  However, this will help, no more extra skin rubbing against each-other which does create more sweat.

And let’s be honest, who the heck is going to know if you are wearing a thong?  Do it to keep your extra body parts contained.  This will help your cardio game big time.


Final Thoughts

I hope you read through this quick article and have the answers you were looking for.  I generally talk mostly about hair products here, but this article had to be written!

My hope is, you have it some thought and you might’ve decided to give them a try.

As someone who does CrossFit 5 nights a week, I can tell you that comfort is key.  Especially when doing box jumps, if you know what I mean.

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