Pomade vs Clay: Battle of the Products

In the world of well-groomed men you will come across clashing opinions many times, and hair styling products can trigger many discussions and mini-battles.  Like pomade vs clay, which is better?

pomade vs clayIt’s understandable, since anybody will defend the product that works best for them and the market is so chaotic and overcrowded with definitions and names.

Let’s take a step back and compare two of the most used categories of hair products: pomade vs clay.

What each one of them does and how to pick the proper one for your own hair type and needs.

Pomade Vs Clay

Pomades are dedicated to the classic looking fellows, like the ones sporting pompadours, ducktail, quiffs and other hairstyles that are obtained with a comb.

The pomade is perfect for this style because it has a medium to strong hold but it’s flexible enough to be restyled many times during the day

Pomade are petroleum, water or wax based and they behave differently depending on that, but the result is basically the same: slick clean hairstyles with a certain amount of shine and flexible hold.

This category of products is mostly recommended to individuals with dry hair, because it can be greasy.

The classic pomades have very simple formulas and most of them is petroleum, so they can clog pores and trigger acne to persons prone to it.

It is also hard to wash out from your hair, this is why the newer generation of pomades are water-based and more user-friendly.

Clay Vs Pomade

Even though you might see a wide range of products classified as clay just because of their thicker consistency, actual hair clays have bentonite or other clay powder in their composition.

pomade clayThis allows them to absorb a lot of water and increase their volume.

Clays have many health benefits and are very good for your skin and hair.

Unlike pomade, they don’t strip away natural hair oils when they are removed, which eliminated some scalp health issues.

Also, clay has healing properties, making clay use a delicate care for your scalp skin. Obviously, it is very recommended to people with a sensitive skin.

In terms of styling, clays are best known for their ability to add volume.

Because they retain so much water, they give your hair body and texture and a very strong hold.

One of the bigger differences between clay and pomade is the finish: the clay is matte or semi-matte, while the pomade will always give you a certain amount of shine.

Decide for yourself which one to try out or, even better, take a sample of both and play around with them. While my review can help you imagine how they will perform, it’s always best to test them yourself.

You might be surprised by the results.

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