Every Man Jack Pomade Review – Found At Target

My every man jack pomade review. I found self at the bottom of my pomade tin, empty and desperately needing some.  So I ran to target and found every man jack pomade.  I decided to give it a try, it was cheap enough to take a loss if it sucked.

Every Man jack Pomade review

Every Man Jack Pomade Review

What is interesting about this pomade is that it is on the lower cheap end. I decided I needed to give it a try anyhow coming in around seven dollars and available at target.

Everything looked normal about it. It really looked thick, like an oil base to me, but surprise, it’s water based.

Every man jack Pomade Review

every man jack pomade reviewI put it in my hair it goes through pretty easily. It just seems a little on the thin side.  I have thicker hair, so my honest Every man jack Pomade Review is it is not for thicker hair.  It left a shine and under medium hold.  Smells pretty good though, that would be my positive thoughts.

I would say, for the same price, go for the old spice spiffy pomade.

What it does have, is a decent shine. It’s a little slick with shine. The other part I don’t like is that you hold really wasn’t there. Holding in place somewhat but it definitely has the freedom to move around done.
The smell is interesting I can’t put my finger on it says it’s got a minty smell. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite smell but it’s not a terribly overpowering cologne stench.

Here is the deal, I was in a pinch, and I sure as hell am not going to use gel anymore.  The good thing is, you can get this at target as well as old spice.  But I would recommend you go with spiffy.  If you do have thinner hair, then I could give you the thumbs up for it.

Every Man Jack Pomade Review
  • Consistency
  • Application
  • Holding
  • Shine
  • Smell


Every man Jack Pomade is a cheaper version that is available at target or walmart. It has a really nice smell, but seems to lack the hold. Overall it gives you a decent shine with could smell. Cheap, and available at your local store, you can’t beat that.