Goon Grease Hair Pomade Review

Goon Grease Review – Hair Pomade

You might get tired of hearing about this product, but if you don’t, it means you haven’t tried it yet! Lockhart’s Goon Grease has rapidly become one of the most exciting brands on the market and deservedly so.

I wanted to write a Goon Grease review to really convince you that this stuff is the best.


The Goon Grease Review

Lockhart's Hair Pomade Limited Edition Goon Grease, 4 Ounce by Lockhart's Authentic

The tin of this pomade is round and quite wide, holding 4 Oz. of product, pretty much the basic pomade tin.

What I like about it is that the side of the tin is covered with a sleeve made out of vinyl, which protects the packaging a lot. Those of you who ordered pomades online know what I’m talking about.

The design of the packaging is original and fun, focusing on the necessary information and the now-iconic name of the pomade.

The font of the name is toxic green and gooey looking, while the rest of the label has a clean look, black lettering against a cream background.


The look and feel

This product has a fun, unexpected color. You don’t get to see this color in pomades every day. They have really nailed it presentation-wise.

The smell is interesting because currently, they give you two choices in fragrance: the original lemony smell – Citrus Cologne, and a musky newer variant (Cinnamon Sandalwood).

I love how they thought of giving the client a chance to choose the type of perfume.

Often I love how a product behaves and performs, but the perfume really puts me off, and I have to give it away. With

Goon Grease, you can choose if you want a fresh, crisp scent or a musky, earthy one.

But the truly amazing thing about this pomade is the way it applies to your hair and how it holds.

This is a strong holding pomade, so you would expect it to be thick and difficult to blend in your hair.

Goon Grease has the texture of a medium-hold pomade, and it’s waxy, greasy, and almost like a balm when you heat it in your hands.


The Hold

Although it applies like a charm, this thing holds perfectly. Even on the second or third day, with a little build-up, you can enjoy that first layer of the product.

It re-styles wonderfully, `and it holds well without making the hair hard and crispy. It also has a wonderful amount of shine, making it perfect for your every day handsomeness!

I hope my Goon Grease review convinced you to try it.


Goon Grease is as heavy as it gets from Lockhart’s.

This authentic pomade will definitely keep your hair in place and will give you the classic, slicked back look that a lot of people who use these products are looking for.

It has great conditioning properties in addition to its powerful styling abilities, so your hair is very well protected during the day, and you don’t have to worry about not only sloppiness and flyaways, but you also don’t have to worry about damage from the environment as much as you would otherwise.

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