Pomade Vs Paste: Are They Similar Or Not?

The world of men’s hair styling products can be overwhelming with the huge variety of creams, pastes, gels, waxes, pomade, sprays and mousse.  We can help sum up two, pomade vs paste.

The market keeps coming with innovations and hybrid products, so a beginner can get lost in all the names on the shelves.

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To make things easier, we will describe two common hair styling products that often get mistaken for one another: pomade vs paste.

We will see what each does and what to expect when styling your hair with them.

A lot of men use the two products interchangeably, even though their purpose and effect are different.

They might look similar in the box, but the formulas are different and they will behave differently.

Pomade Vs Paste

pomade vs pastePomade was initially made out of bear grease and later, in the ‘50s, petroleum was their main ingredient.

Modern pomade can be water-based and this changes them a lot, since they are more user-friendly.

They can also be combined with wax for a more subtle look, but the purpose of pomade is to give shine and control.

Pastes, in terms of composition, are also oil or water based, but they also contain silicone.

Compared to pomade, they are less waxy and have a higher water content. We will see how this affects the final result.


Unlike other hair products, pomade does not dry out or leave a flaky residue. pomade vs paste

Because it has soft waxes and oils in its composition, the hold will always be flexible. It is meant to be restyled throughout the day, if necessary.

Paste is much more rigid when it dries out and gives you a more natural, matte look.

You can obtain a bed-hair, messy look and play a little bit more with the shapes and details.

Pastes can also work as a base for your hairstyle and give you volume and texture before you go in with another finishing product.

Shine and hold

Today, a lot of classic style pomade are used to recreate retro looks, like rockabilly and rock’n’roll styles.

Pomade is perfect for pompadour, slicked back combs and generally any hairstyle that is neatly attain with a comb. Greasy pomade don’t have such a strong hold and only work with sleek hairstyles.

Pastes are the most versatile of all hair products, because they give you a natural, matte finish and have medium to strong hold.

If you want shine, you can add something on top, but you will get all the benefits pastes have.

Bottom line is, you need to research what each product does and also experiment yourself with different brands and types, you see who wins pomade vs paste.

They might not both work for you, so you need to see the difference between them and choose what’s suitable for your own hair.

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